I'm done with gaming

So I been playing video games steady for years like most of you guys and… I think I’m done, until next gen starts

So gaming obviously hasn’t been as fun as it was when I was in middle school and high school. I really feel like 75% of the games we get are broken and ■■■■■■■■■ and behind paywalls and are meant for ppl to grind religiously. Gaming used to be fun and now it feels like a job, companys are trying to suck all the money out of you. They are rushed and get better 2 years down the line and im over it by then.

Also I think I’m just tired of keeping up with everyone, everyone HAS to be the best of the best if your not your trash. It’s not fun anymore it’s just competitive 24/7… I miss halo days where I’m playing custom games in a full lobby with friends.

The new cod is great brings back in game chat lobbies, party chats ruined socialization.

I had high expectations for gears 5 and it’s a complete 100% fail… that is not a gears game at all they did the same thing 343 did and reimagine it.

They dont care about gore and horror vibe, multiplayer is… so… awful… noob friendly not fun. Anyway we all pretty much can agree gears 5 is not an great game… the campaign wasnt jaw dropping but it was alright.

Gears is the only competitive multiplayer game that I played religiously since the beginning but its changed in a terrible way. Now with gears 5 out and how bad it is I really have no reason to play anymore, I dont care about the skins or characters and the gameplay is not fun so I dont play it. Obviously it’s a competitive game and I’m not bad at it or anything I just wished TC would have done it more originally than reimagining it in their ■■■■■■ way.

Anyway I dont play anymore and I dont have that need to play so I’m selling my xbox and gonna preorder the next gen xbox. It’s kind of sad because I want to enjoy the games but it’s just boring now, I’m hoping microsoft kills it this gen and creates exciting new games.


You’re in for a surprise when you realize that all of MS’s IPs are going the game as a live service route due to gamepass. You’re in for an even bigger one when you’ll hear about how Halo Infinite is going to be similar to Destiny, in terms of how the content will be structured and its vast array of microtransactions.

If you think this gen was so bad that it forced you to sell your xbox, next gen will make you throw your Xbox and yourself out the window and reconsider your gaming hobby as a whole.

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Guess OP did throw his Xbox out the window…


I get the point you’re coming from.

I loved video games back in high school. Playing almost every single afternoon after it. Especially on holidays. Games where fun, with no BS paywalls, most games had local co-op/multiplayer.

Nowadays, everything is behind paywalls or you have to grind like a madman to get stuff that should’ve been included from the start in the first place! I’m definitely not someone that wants every single character/skins from like previous games in the newest game or anything like that. But with absolutely no single character/skin unlocks from like finishing Campaign on Hardcore/Insane or higher, and getting something worthwhile from leveling up (except for a lame dessert weapon skin) it’s really lame.

Even the add-on/DLC prices are absurd! Like $20,- for that Terminator Rev 9/Grace pack…

I love Gears! It’s pretty much the only game I regularly play weekly. But the store is a complete joke with very little items that have any value… It’s a good thing the Tour of Duty is “free” but it’s pretty hard to finish without having payed boost for double stars/spending Iron… (Although I have reached General without spending extra Iron, or buying extra boost.)

So it is possible! Having said that, it was a pain in the ■■■ though, and very grindy. Having to do stupid things like escaping 5 Hives. Or surviving 10 chapters of Escape, having to restart over and over again… :relieved:

They’re definitely problems with Gears 5, I think we all can agree that! But as you and I both know, the world thrives on Money. So people (developers) always want more of it… :pensive:

Good thing is the characters are “free.” So you don’t have to pay actual money to get the basic skins. As long as you don’t really care about skins, you don’t have to spend anymore money then buying the game. Since all the maps are free etc.

I’ll probably keep playing Gears, because I just love the franchise! Campaign was great in my opinion! Horde is kinda boring with little to almost no new enemies… And versus needs way more new maps instead of the 2 “new” one’s. (Which 1 of is a remake)

But mark my words: All this paywalls/microtransactions, dripping content slowly is only going to get worse once next gen releases… Only thing that probably gets better are the graphics! :wink:

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No need to give up gaming. Just go for the games with less egregious economies tied to them, and there are a lot of exceptional single player games with no micro transactions at all. God of War, Outer Worlds, Darksiders series etc.


There’s games that don’t implement on pay walls, aren’t broken, etc. You have to play more than just a few popular titles to discover them.


Yes. I don’t think it has to do with my getting older either. I was feeling this the other day after realizing every game that comes out sucks and doesn’t give me that feeling like I want to play it more and more. The only recent game to do that is apex legends where I looked at the clock and I lost about 4 hours out of seemingly nowhere (and I hate BR games.) call of duty is an extreme campfest boring game. Gears is a broken disaster with no content. Halo, well people are getting excited over a very very old game. Gaming is rlly awful right now. Bout to just give up. It’s more stressful than entertaining or fun right now.

Also the outer worlds was overhyped. Game was boring. Felt hollow. Great foundation for a much better game, needs more depth to its gameplay.

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Did I ever tell you about Miyazaki, our Lord and Savior?

Here are some good games (ok, they are not just good but among the best in the industry) to enjoy without any paywalls:

  • Demon’s Souls
  • Dark Souls
  • Dark Souls II
  • Dark Souls III
  • Bloodborne
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

You’re welcome. And I’m absolutely serious: For many people FromSoftware created the kind of games they missed and it helped reignite their passion for gaming. If you are serious, OP, you should give any of the above listed games a shot.


This post deserves a thousand likes.

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I agree with this.

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Good games all. I would add Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden 2 onto that list, the trials alone add countless hours to the games.


I miss being able to play a game or pvp when it suits me and having all the content without having to get on the hamster wheel like most games nowadays and grind for content. It sucks-I only want to play pvp(and campaign one play through or 2nd run on insane)but TC have a Tod and totems to make me play longer than I want and push me to spam game modes I can’t be bothered with like escape to get characters that unfortunately I want.

Yes you can buy the totems and yes you could technically run Tod just waiting for pvp daily’s etc but it would take ages to do this and again probably money to reroll the dailys. Also there is still the exclusive game mode skins from horde escape etc. Destiny and games like that have people sinking hours upon hours into crap they don’t want to play and most games appear to be heading that way were they value gaining a players playtime over the players enjoyment.

Ultimately a player isn’t forced to do anything but it’s an example of the carrot and stick metaphor


I’ve got the same feeling as OP. Same for most of those on my friends list. We all wanted G5 to be great but have been so disappointed with the launch through current state(even the promoted ToD2 isn’t sparking any interest beyond mere curiosity).

We have decided to pick up alternative pc games - both co-op and mp - in an effort to keep the fun alive. I’ve said it before that this game feels very hollow even when I am winning and I feel that there is very little replay value in it.

The cosmetic micro-transactions are appalling. Just give me default characters and point me in the direction of the other team. Gears was life. Now it’s hardly got a pulse. Sad really

I will hop back on from time to time to check out new maps/modes but you can catch me on the following games:

Quake 1-4
Borderlands 1/2
Gotham City Imposters

God speed to the rest of you

Thanks for sharing i like gears 5 tho

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Completely 100% agree and I’m pissed off with that. Ridiculous. I want to play a lot of hours but just for fun, not for grinding/farming or whatever.

I thought the same but now I hate almost all related about multiplayer.

dark souls and sekiro :heart_eyes:



When Gears 5 is so bad it makes you quit gaming all together


Spot on. Demon’s Souls is a bit outdated though. But uhhh, Dark Souls II?..we don’t talk about Dark Souls II.

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It’s a broken mess but I still find enjoyment out of it most of the time. Sadly, I can’t say the same for that awful Modern Warfare. If I wanted to pitch a tent and camp I’d go be one with nature.

But I do understand the original posters point of view. I’m in my 30’s and don’t really enjoy gaming much anymore. If there isn’t a Forza, Halo or Gears label on it I’ll likely just pass on it all together. It’s not that the other games are bad though. I just don’t enjoy single player games anymore and in terms of PvP/racing these are the most enjoyable.


TOD 2 is gonna make or break Gears 5. If TC does what they say they will do. Hopefully TC doesn’t give us no BS and delay anything. All I really want is that delay removed when coming out of roadie run to shoot. The roadie strafe works alot better than before to avoid that horrible adhesion, but it’s incomplete. Hopefully wall bounce improves also. I’m not expecting much from TC though, I have to see it to believe it.