I'm disappointed

I wish Argentina had dedicated servers. It is impossible to compete with so much Ping.

Gears 4 runs on dedicated servers across the entire world. The issue for you is that there is no dedicated server near you so you’re being placed onto a server far away which results in a high ping. I am guessing much higher than the typical 80-160ms that seems to give an advantage to players so you’re suffering.

Also, maybe this is what you meant. But even so remember the playerbase may be too small resulting in hopping servers anyways.

I feel his pain. My ping is always 20-30ish and get wasted by stupidness. It’s really annoying at times.

At this point I wonder if it matters. I have gotten into a few matches and took captures from the screen. And recorded clips as well. What you see when you slow it down is exactly what you see on the directly off the screen recording, the recording, and the clip. A player will absorb massive amounts of shots and never down. Like a full active Boltok. A whole gnasher full of shots. Or a tri-shot until it overheats. Just stuff like that. The shots hit but the game fails to register them. And the whole lobby is at 50 or less on the ping. I usually hover around 20-25.

High ping can make it seem bad but this points to something else. I fully uninstalled this and for the first time every I feel that I am done with Gears as a series. Just too much of that stuff. I may suck but nobody should run through 3 players lancers across the battlefield only to survive while we go down from one player that never has to reload and it says we took 5 hits for 100%.

Talk about disappointed.