Im curious to know everyones opinions on this

I saw that topic here a few days (a week?) ago talking about new players having to be a certain rank before being aloud into ranked play. Why not make them play social for a certain amount of days, ie 15 or 30? Im sure that im not the only one getting put in ranked matches with people that have no clue how to play certain modes ie KOTH and then losing lots of progression because we get matched against Diamonds and high onyxs.


We had a training grounds in 2 if I remember correctly.
I think it would be advantageous to have a say lvl 20 and under “area” when you reach 20 you automatically go into the melting pot/cesspool that can be Core/comp :slight_smile:
This could give you a chance to get some level of understanding of the way things work. Gears Is totally unforgiving to new players.


Who you calling clueless :wink:

Regarding the issue, if they can do something about the TDM players who frequently go negative so that they can score MVP and rank up, then I’ll be in favor of restricting new players.
But, there are so many experienced players who play selfishly and manage to maintain their ranks that noobs are less of a concern to me.

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I made a thread a few weeks back about how I thought TC making players play social until the reached level 10 as being a good idea. And I still do, although I still think that it’s too low. Personally, I think that re-up 1 would be a good place for players to start playing ranked

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So the ranked lobbies will be a ghost town when Gears5 drops


The first person to reach lvl 10 cant even play ranked :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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It’s like, “do you want to play with a bunch of noobs, or wait a lifetime and a half for a match?”
It sucks either way

totally agree with you theres gotta be a simple way to sort out the noobs from the vets. Maybe some kind of test

Exactly. So i’m hoping that TC will figure something out for 5. Maybe like some kind of training simulation like it Titanfall. Cuz as of right now, if you want to learn anything in Gears, you have to search Youtube videos, or come here and ask noob-like questions…

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if they waited until re-up one ,you’re to have no one playing MP for a time , and everyone will be boosting Horde to get there ASAP , having people wait until they are 15 or 20 is not that big of a deal for most and would probably be the best route to take if they went this way

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