I do it too lol

Knowing you can eat a shot and chunk them is hilarious

That literally sums up 60% of Gears 5 fights and its SAD man. I tried to play Gears of War 4 some months ago and went like 2 and 11 in TDM D4. No good.

So many Gears 5 bad habits I gained.

I’ve played maybe 10-15 hours of GoW4 recently — I’m not convinced it’s a better game than Gow5.

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clearly Gears of War 4 is the best game to ever exist; its impecible characters, its innovative and groundbreaking level design, its ability to revolutionalize not only Gears but gaming as a whole…

Better than Gears 5, you know? Like, Gears 5 has lag or something, Gears 4 clearly never had that.

I didn’t mean spastic in that context but you’re correct

Technically it’s the same word. But I know what context you meant, it’s the same as I.

4 > 5 but like, is this supposed to be satire?

What did you even do in Gears 4? Serious question.

Everything? But like… not known for impeccable characters, “groundbreaking” game design, or revolutionizing Gears/gaming… I couldn’t tell if it was sarcastic or you actually hold that belief.

I really think people could break their GoW4 nostalgia trip by actually playing it for 10-20 hours.

The shotgun rate of fire in Gears 5 is the worst aspect of either game (this is why botwalking works) — but if you looked at the top five issues between both games the rest of the top five is GoW4 issues.

Atleast explain the reasoning and not just “Gears 4 bad”
Gears 4 was harder imo because bot walking doesn’t work
Wall cancels are faster
Shotgun hits harder
Lancer nukes
I’m basing these facts from when I played Gears 4 for like 30 mins months ago lol
I didn’t give it a fair chance but I can’t imagine myself having more fun on it than 5. Its harder but it isn’t more fun by any means. The lancer alone ruins that game for me in core.


I was thinking about making a bigger thread and didn’t want to post all of my opinions in this one.

The two worst things about the game for me (were probably also the two worst things for TC because they literally didn’t keep them in Gears 5) are; the insane flinch, and your screen being shaken by smokes that weren’t even close to stunning you.

The flinch literally applies to you when you’re doing anything including strafing — so you’ll have a shot lined up, someone will shoot you and cause your shot to miss for literally no other reason than being shot.

A smoke will blow up 2 meters away (not stun you) and shake your screen for like 1.5-2 seconds. There are so many smokes because everyone has one, they seem to last forever and it’s 5v5. Fighting in smokes is terrible in every game apart from Gow3 and that’s only because you could LB see through the smoke in Gow3.

Speaking on 5v5, I actually forgot how annoying 5v5 really was until I played Gow4. I could play a game, get 60 kills and have fought like 3 uninterrupted 1vs the whole game. It’s wild.

Adding to that when you’re comparing Gears 5 now and GoW4 now you’re basically forced to play Control & Koth — Control is just a better ranked gamemode than Koth is. Koth takes so long to finish — one round of GoW4 Koth is basically an entire control match.

The lancer is a part of it as well — it genuinely seems 4-5 bullets too strong and even though it’s harder to aim/shoot than the Gears 5 lancer, it isn’t that much harder to aim and shoot.

I’m really not saying Gears 4 is bad in a vaccuum either, I just think it’s the equal to Gears 5 with everything taken into account.

GoW4 genuinely is the higher skillgap game but that’s almost entirely down to the shotgun rate of fire being faster, and the aim assist being lesser and the gnasher damage being stronger. There’s almost nothing else working in GoW4s favor.

There are these moments where you’re not fighting in a smoke, you’re not being shot in the back, you’re not being double lancered from across the world and the game is better in those moments — but those moments are too few and far between.

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I actually don’t remember this at all. Might have to reinstall GoW4 before I go to bed just to mess around with it.

This isn’t out of the ordinary though. Being shot in something like Halo or CoD lowers your accuracy, which is the only time I’d accept it honestly. Many times in H3 I remember being scoped in and it being canceled from being shot at.

Thats lame lol.

Well which is it then, would you rather smokes stun or blind you? If you just want to completely remove smokes then idk…audio cues are the only thing left.

Can agree on this. Control was the best thing TC made. I legit cannot go back to KOTH.

I don’t remember, does Gears 4 have marks? Marking through smoke is actually so broken its not even funny.

seconds before a headshot.

I completely forgot about this and flinch which is why I used to say GoW4 was the better game.

Flinch is being taken out/toned down in a lot of games. I can almost accept some instances of it — like let’s say I have snipe and I’m holding LT, someone shoots me and my gun drops. That’s not that bad — but when I’m walking around with a shotgun not holding LT, just walking and strafing. I shouldn’t be missing shots due to the Flinch mechanic.

If you took GoW4 smokes and made them not so large and not so blinding, and stopped them from shaking your screen I think they would be fine. The actual stun part of the GoW4 smokes imo is perfect, it’s everything else about them.

They’re a really big annoyance to general gameplay which is probably why TC decided to offer Flashes. I think flashes are too strong in certain scenarios, but the benefit of not everyone in the game constantly throwing giant clouds at you is immense. Especially in a respawn gamemode.

Yeah GoW4 has marks, and so does GoW3 and you can just spam the mark button and mark people through smokes constantly.

heavy breathing
f i f a

Gears 5 to me just plays far far smoother, I do still think that forcing crossplay was an insanely stupid decision (basically highlights these people have no clue about skillgaps or different inputs or anything like that)

If we’re being completely here though Gears PvP is and has always been straight up garbage. Its too simple of a game when you compare it to almost every other game on the market. Its the same reason UNO isn’t the number 1 game anymore lol, people play Gears PvP for a little while, then they go to another game and leave real damn quick.

All of this doesn’t particularly matter though, Gears PvE is Gucci and that carries the living crap out of it so much that they will always have a dedicated and compassionate fanbase.

You don’t know me very well…

I consistently make fun of Gears fans (and other gaming franchise fans) that routinely trash the current game and just completely rose tinted glasses worship the previous entry or entries. I am waiting for the Gears 5 nuthugging once Gears 6 rolls around, people will bring up how Gears 5 had Escape, or any of the other differences between Gears 5 and Gears 6. Gears 4 was trashed by a lot of people for its lack of innovation, it was essentially just Gears 3 but with different characters and an expanded Horde mode, one could argue that Gears PvP has done almost nothing since 2006.

That’s just the gaming mentality in general. I personally prefer Gears 4 over 5. Just feels smoother and overall better to play. Can’t quite explain why. Do I think Gears 4 is flawless? No. But do I think it’s a better game than 5? Yes. Gears 5 isn’t horrible, it’s just decent to me. At least as far as PvP goes. I think it has the best PvE by far.


Gears 4 was a lot more ‘fair’ than 5 from a PvP perspective. You didn’t see massive gaps in hardware like you do in Gears 5 where your skill isn’t as relevant overall. Overall though they are insanely similar, they’re not so different that saying one over the other is meaningful, would be like saying which version of Gridlock is the best, its not too meaningful of a conversation holistically.

what does this mean?

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