that i might be the best player of all time i mean the clip says it all do i need to even say anything

IF ANYONE RUINS MY MOMENT BY SAYING “these guys are bots” your going to hell

You ok?

Thats some weird af noises you make.

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I ask myself that everyday

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I used to hate this map but now I’m getting all nostalgic watching this.

Its a really ■■■■ map for when your up against lancer nerds but thankfully the enemy team wasnt abusing lancers

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Skill issue.

Also you’re*


Didnt you know that the lancer is a banned weapon and only cheaters can use it, its got to be gnasher or pickup weapons only.

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but what if you were to charge in with your chainsaw?

So tired of people who complain about lancers.

“Waaaahhhh I ran out in the open and got gunned down by cross-lancering! Waaaaaahhhh”

I meant for the waaaaahs to sound like crying, but it might sound a bit Waluigi-ish.

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I’ve came to the conclusion that players who complain about small things like that just don’t like to die in game.

They want everyone in the lobby to play like them and if they have different playstyles that’s causing them to get killed, they automatically throw shade. Same thing for ‘Bot Walkers’; I don’t understand why people get mad at someone else’s style of play.

But Gears does have some of the most toxic fanbases out there.


It is always a treat to watch someone wall bouncing like a spaz, just for them to get bodied by a dude who just walks up and blasts them.

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Its like when someone cries “campers”

Well why should i move about the map like a headless chicken when i can just wait for some moron to come charging in?

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This clip (skip to about 30 seconds in) is the best visual representation of spaztic wall bouncers getting killed by “bot-walkers”

Spastic Hyper Bouncers you mean. Us normal bouncers are far more efficient!

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Having fun>Efficiency

In almost every instance of someone complaining about fast-twitch bouncing it’s just because the person complaining is unable to perform the actions.

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My apologies my lord

Depends. Efficiency leads to victory which is fun.

Almost. It’s not that difficult a feat to be fair, as you know, and is made even easily with specific controller configs. But personally I haven’t found it particularly helps enemies, commonly resulting in them inadvertently approaching me in a straight line. Which is kind.
I’d say it’s more about control and choice of movement to confuse and evade simultaneously that makes it effective. This is a rarity though.

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You are forgiven.

But don’t fret. Remember, many spastics have made it to significant roles in society and companies….ummm uhh….:eyeglasses:

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Because its easier and takes less skill. Don’t get me wrong It works and I do it sometimes but its so broken in this game lol.

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Winning ranked isn’t fun, it’s a dice roll.

It depends on what kind of bounce it is. There are a few people who get animations that I simply cannot replicate, and there’s one animation I can sometimes get which I’ve literally never seen replicate before.

If you’re good at bouncing you’ll get more kills with it than deaths, but part of being good at it is knowing when to do it. Most people learn how to do the fast-twitch bouncing and just want to do that every chance they get because it’s fun.

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