I'm confused how is Gears 4 appealing to the casuals and newcomers to Gears?

If you were to take the perspective of a new player trying out Gears 4 for the very first time how would that go exactly?

Before you can even think about trying out the versus you would first have to reach Reup 20 probably by playing social quickplay and once you finally reach the Reup you would then be allowed in Ranked versus.

At this point a new player might be feeling pretty gosh darn competitive so they hop into the competitive playlist and play a match only to find themselves bamboozled because their shotgun is now shooting marshmallows compared to the social experience they just had for 2 hours where they could actually get a few shotgun kills.

Right about now the newcomer might be feeling a little dishearten after getting slaughtered in competitive they probably also received a few rude messages from their teammates telling them how not good they are so they decide alright maybe Core will be a better experience

So the new player enters a Core match only to find the gnasher shotgun is suddenly a billion times stronger and they can barely move without getting fully damaged so they play the entire match dealing with confusion and by the end of the match they don’t even know which way is up and lets not forget the team our new player just played against aren’t newcomers oh no they are actually a 5 stack of gold 3s and onyxs that barely let the new guy get 1 kill.

Is Core really “casual?” Or are the powerful weapons actually just being abused by the experienced players? Was Gears ever meant to be casual? Keep in mind this scenario I described is only 1 of many. Gears 4 in my opinion is not casual and is not a friendly “oh you can get good at your own pace” kind of game and I’m really confused why TC would even want Gears to be that are we trying to be like FortNite?


One of the key problems is that we’re almost 2 and half years into the game’s lifecycle now. Most players who still play are probably amongst the hardcore fans and know their way around the game mechanics.

I think by and large, Gears has always been a bit more complex in the mechanics and so on, so yeah I’d agree it can be unforgiving for new players.

Obviously the wall bouncing mechanic wasnt even intended to be done that way. Players just used the existing slide-into-cover and cancel function and it later evolved into what it is now. Its not immediately obvious and takes time to get used to.


I started playing Gears for the first time in 2017, and I didn’t play online until January of 2018. It was quite a rude awakening compared to playing with bots


Gears is extremely unforgiving that’s why we love it well that’s why I do anyways but Gears 4 is not only unforgiving it’s also confusing

By the way, the term “hardcore” is used in many different ways here. I’m a “hardcore” gears fan but I stopped playing this installment a few months ago.


Can you explain why you stopped playing Gears 4? There’s a lot of huge Gears fans out there that don’t like Gears 4 I’ve spoken with a few

Mainly played Horde. Rarely played ranked/social. Not an MP kind of guy tbh. Horde got boring after hitting Fake Wings 4 lvl 55 and the Horde modes were mostly the same, as in holiday made modes. Plus, RDR 2 came out along with a few other games.

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I have vastly reduced my Gears 4 playtime (have played over 2800 hours mind) since Jan. I’m sick to death of quitters, afk’s, lag, ranking etc etc.
On the rank, Gold 3 koth last season, placement matches this season, which without being fantastic were OK placed me Silver 2.
I’m playing Gears 3 daily still though. I may have mentioned once or twice that I love 3 :wink:

As for entry skill Gears is absolutely a ball-breaker.
I was 90% a Horder on 2,3 and J. So the initial forays into mp were very nearly enough to put me off.

But when Gears gets you, you are got for life. :wink:

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Game is boring, a chore to play and there’s no real sense of progression in the game in terms of unlockable characters or skins so it all feels hollow.

Ranking is made pointless because of the issues with online, from ping to lag compensation to various other problems that seem to always stick around.

Personally though, Gears 4 is just… straight up boring in (now) 2019. Been playing since 2006 and Gears 4 is just too much like Gears 3 to matter. It’s Gears 3 without the soul, it feels factory made with the paint of Gears etc.


Hopefully we get Onyx medals to grind for like 3 and J. I’m still ploughing through Seriously 3.0 , eight years later. Helps that Gears 3 is 10 times the game that 4 is, in terms of content, writing and well everything.
Not to say I do not have fun/had fun with 4.
Probably ready for 5 now though, could be in a matter of 6 months :slight_smile:


Honestly, it just feels too much like an emulation of Gears rather than being Gears. It looks, places and lags like Gears but it doesn’t seem genuine at times.

That was basically Gears 1 for me in 2006; I absolutely loved the campaign. Played it several times with different friends (on my old account).

Then I go online for versus for the first time only to find everyone is only using the gnasher and I was thoroughly confused why nobody was using the lancer - the most iconic weapon in a game to date. After several games of getting absolutely no kills, repeatedly spawn killed and having no fun at all I never played the game again until long after I was done with Gears 3.

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Pray they have realistic expectations for earning certain achievements at this stage, too.

Even starting at the game’s launch, it was quite a slog.

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