Im confused... How do I actually unlock stuff?

Dangit, I can’t wrap my head around this mess of a progression system. We have XP, we have a store, we have daily tasks or medals or whatever, we have a battle pass, we have supply drops, we have scrap. we have iron and tons of tiers of any type of stuff.

What?.. What is this? Somebody please explain to me: how do I unlock characters, weapons and executions?

I don’t care about anything else! I can’t figure it out as there’s no official explanation anywhere even in the game, just PR sentences everywhere!

Imagine sitting in a restaurant and asking for a grain of salt, just to have the waiter coming back with a bucket full of it and pouring it all over your food.


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You can unlock things in multiple ways.

1: You can bring over the Gilded characters and weapon skins to gears 5 if you completed the associated achievements in Gears of War 4

  1. You can get weapon skins with scrap. (Scrap is earned by getting duplicate cosmetics or horde/escape skills). Although I believe only 2 weapon skin sets are available this way right now. (Art deco and deebee)

  2. Use real money on Iron (Iron is the premium currency in gears 5). You can buy weapon skins with Iron from the store tab.

  3. Level up in tour of duty. There are multiple characater/weapon skins you can earn by leveling up in tour of duty. As well as marks, Iron and executions. You level up in tour of duty by completing daily challenges or earning medals. These can be viewed in the tour of duty tab by hitting “LT” on Xbox one.

  4. Supply drops. You earn supply drops by just playing the game. They automatically unlock at the main menu and they reward you with things like weapon skins, marks, banners, etc.

  5. Promotional products. Rockstar energy drink and chips ahoy cookies both have gears 5 promotions going on right now. If you go out and buy Rockstar or Chips ahoy there will be codes you can redeem online for exclusive in-game rewards like weapon skins, marks and even trials of xbox live gold and game pass.


Thx 4 the detailed description. I tried to look up the tour of duty panel but I immediately get a turn off when I look at that mess. At this point I don’t even care anymore. Thx for the feedback. TC can keep their game. I have enough other ones.

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Tour of Duty isn’t that confusing. All you do is earn stars for completing daily challenges or medals. You level up tour of duty by earning those stars. Then each rank is associated with a reward.

To summarize you get stuff with the Tour of slave your life away to the game or else mortal

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Not anymore. That ended on Sept 2nd

Note they said IF

Ah huh

How do u earn them? I played for days and still haven’t earn scrap or iron, exactly 0. Wtf is this lol

Slave your life away? I finished the tour 8 days ago

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Iron is a premium currency you either pay real money for or earn small amounts of it in TOD by progressing through the ranks. The only way to get scrap is by earning/unlocking a duplicate item from supply drops. (i.e. if you get the same banner, weapon skin, bloodspray, etc.) The amount of scrap you get is determined by the rarity of the duplicate item.

Was making a joke as some peeps I know take a little longer then others but sorry if you didnt catch me making a joke uh
Well I´m actually almost at the chill stuff a tier away I believe scrubby I know but I gotta plan
Im getting all my challenges to be one point away so on double star day this saturday I can easily complete the medals left and boom double stars on the medals completed plus the dailys etc.