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I'm certain the terminator skin gives an advantage

No way, it gives the COG team a huge advantage, because you can hear them coming from a mile away.

How do you think Skynet took over? They weren’t making gold protocol droids

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i noticed they dont make reload noises or speak or is that just mine without upgraded taunt. they are hard to see in shadows though. need brighter lights or eyes or something.

Is that the Halo Character that looks like a DeeBee because I don’t know much about Halo and got killed by it because I also thought he was part of my Swarm team lol

Why are so many people using T-800s anyway? I love Terminator but dude, I just can’t see them anymore. I want to play Gears, not Terminator. They’ve been in almost every match, I’ve had tons of matches where there were more Terminators than Swarm. Its surely starting to annoy me plus they are so ■■■■■■■ hard to see,especially on the asylum. I hope we will have no guest characters in Gears 6. At first I was ok with guest characters but now I think they are cancer.


I didn’t really see this as an issue but I’ll keep a lookout to see if any are sneaking by or close.

This skin is indeed a problem.
To loud but tbh ALL footsteps should be loud yet the T800 is almost invisible in certain areas

It’s the male character, who does sort of look robotic, but for me it might be his color scheme and the skull on his visor that makes me immediately associate him with the Swarm team. You might be thinking of Kat, who is the skinnier, blue female character. I don’t think I’ve had as many issues with her, for whatever reason.

Because it is currently the best looking character model in the game.