I'm calling you out Coalition. This is a disaster and I expect it to get worse

I am not going to play this multiplayer stuff unfortunetly, I guess we will have to see it later when it is done I’m going to play story although it kicked me a few times but after that 4 horde games again :slight_smile: Some one did ask me to play this new horde I will maybe but I’m not doing a lot in it for now.

I have tried playing this garbage and im out at the moment as its just not gears anymore,i join a map and start abd its just lancer battles and as soon as you move your dead as guns are way overpowered and the 1 time you may actually get through the lancer fire and try use the gnasher it does nothing as hits dont register (where have i seen that before?oh yeah gears 4) .
Also when im bouncing in fights for some reason theres a screen that keeps popping up with the gestures options and it stays on screen and covers any view and i have looked at the layout for the keys and cant find what it is or what im doing to trigger it,anyone know wtf that is?.
Also what the hell is that damage splash that covers the whole screen?what moron decided to have that in the game,honestly i cant believe there is a gears game worse than gears 4 and all the issues that had,gears 5 tops it 100%.(stayed away from judgement after a day playing so dont know how bad that truly got in the end)
No gears fan could honestly like this game or have any respect for TC and more importantly the man who ruined gears Ferguson.

Just playing through gears of war ultimate. Campaign
Boy…what gritty amazing game play! Didn’t think I was old enough. To say …ah the good old days!!!
: /


First and foremost, why throw the chainsaw on RB instead of B? Absolutely ■■■■■■■ that is. In addition, one constantly flies out of all modes, whether Horde, escape, versus and even in the campaign. This is the very last one and I am glad that the game was in the gamepass and I have not paid 70-100 € for such a garbage. I am a passionate Gears player and I’ve played all the parts so far but not one had such a start as this. The culmination of this ■■■■■■■■ is the long loading times and this eternally long intro. It may not be that long, but if you have to look at it about 30 times within 6 hours, because the game hangs and you are hanging in the loading screen for more than 5 minutes it is very annoying and long. In the Intro of the campaign was also a soundbug and at Loadscreen you could hear that the Video is starting. Although it was breathtaking to see and hear the graphics and sound at first, I am very disappointed with the game and I hope that the next update, which hopefully will be released, removes these serious bugs and i Hope it comes at the Release Date.


Damn, what a thread. As for me, I’ll enjoy the game much more once these awful server issues are fixed. I agree with those saying this is not acceptable at launch; it’s not. And Horde, I don’t know what they were thinking with the “heroes” idea, but worst of all is the auto-switching issue.

…But people complaining about the tunings can get used to it or walk the walk and stop playing, frankly :sweat_smile: I mean really. Idk what you all are doing, but I’m having zero issues. I have my gnasher battles, I have a lancer that actually functions as a gun instead of a pea shooter, and life is good. If I’m not getting downed in less than second every match by a lancer, and I’m not getting flashbanged left and right, but you are, I’m going to say the problem is probably not the game…

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This is judgment at best…multi feels generic.

Honestly I think they need to delay the actual launch and fix most of rhe big issues because I think the forums will get way worse and bigger after launch.

You are lucky. Right now the game will not launch for me. I’m currently reinstalling it. A lot of issues like gotten kicked out for no obvious reasons (etc). Damn I do love the game and I’ll give it as many chances as it needs. Sorry for my bad English, I hope I make sense.

There is a swarm hunter skin. Which is a new character albeit very minor as we start with the swarm hunter elite

Lol everyone in this thread has been playing gears long enough to know that this isn’t just a bunch of first time players complaining cause they’re not good and don’t need to git guud. If you’re not getting lancerd down than you’re either lucky or a liar and i’ll go with the ladder. Even in some of the most competitive matches I found myself in there’s still at least 2 bad players per team using the lancer because it’s too strong. It should be a pea shooter, in a game that allows you to pick up stronger weapons a la the doom era the starting machine gun should not under any circumstance easily be one of the strongest/best options.


The lack of MP characters just put me away to buy this game at this moment. TC should learns the mistakes from Gears 4 (loot box and the lacking of MP characters). TC should follow the practice from Gears 3.

I would not pay the full price for this . Wait for the discount price when going on sales. or just spend $2 for trial of ultimate game pass and then cancel it.


No, I already told you that’s a skin it’s not “like a new character.” Stop defending this game’s abysmal lack of content.


I haven’t been able to play d game just yet to see for myself so I apologize in advanced, but for what I know is that some people consider a new skin an already existing character or a weapon that has any type of change whether big or small, but for some others that is not a new character, that is just some small makeup on top of that existing character.

TC please bring back all the characters from previous gears and make gears great again.


Swarm elite hunter, and swarm hunter are different characters no?

Only real difference I noticed(keyword is noticed, there might be more)is that one uses a Markza and the other a Torque Bow. Haven’t really thought of, gotten the opportunity to or wanted to examine the Elite Hunter more closely.

But technically, if they were different characters and not variations you could also say that Winter Armor Kait and Desert Kait are different characters even though they’re actually just variations of her with different visual appearances.

They’re all swarm hunter (insert skin name) they’re all the same character just different skins for the swarm hunter. This conversation is over, you’re wrong, stop it. If you dont believe me, if when you unlock it go into the customization and that thing will be in the skin section and not a seperate chatacter.

Couple of things here:

  1. Nothing to do with ‘can’t be bothered’. We have a significant cast across the modes at launch which, on the COG team, all have their own unique gameplay skills and abilities. We’ll be bringing back Characters in the campaign and more once they’ve received the same treatment, and it’ll be worth the wait - it essentially will constantly evolve the Escape / Horde experience.

  2. All future Characters are free (ie. Baird would be a Character) and come with everything I listed above. See here: https://www.gears5.com/characters-explained


That’s what Tour of Duty is - and combined with Supply Drops, there’s more earnable content at launch than Gears 3 with more to come every three months.


I don’t think anyone can earn anything with such a unstable and ■■■■ launch.

2019 and big companies still make lame excuses.

I remember playing PGR 2 on the original Xbox, ran smooth like butter.

Seems you only like going backwards.