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I'm calling you out Coalition. This is a disaster and I expect it to get worse

Multiplayer sucks. They are basically catering to casuals and lancer fire because after playing for several hours gnasher duels are impossible to get to without someone gunning you down. This is my favorite franchise, one that I have played religiously and while I get wanting to expand your audience you have destroyed what made this game great.

Also I want to talk about your monetization. You guys made a bunch of announcements about all the stuff you’re adding to this game, the removal of loot boxes as you destroyed gears 4 with your monetization. But I couldn’t help but notice 2 REALLY troubling things. 1. the launch roster is so bare it’s embarrassing, you couldn’t even be bothered to add any of the original cast. 2. after looking through all of the prizes in the tour of duty there isn’t a single character unlock, a bunch of skins for current characters but I see no new characters. I hope you guys don’t think you’re going to nickel and dime for every single character you add to the roster. I paid full price for the special edition , I would appreciate a game that isn’t so devoid of content only to be charged again. I don’t care that you’re giving this game away for free with games pass, that’s your choice but I shouldn’t have to suffer for your so called “need” to monetize. This game hasn’t even been released and I can’t believe how bad it all is.

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People have dubbed the online Judgement 2.0 which I agree on. After playing 2 dozen more online matches the games usually go like this. First round teams use their gnashers and when one team is clearly outmatched the other teams sets up camp and just lancer fires and given how strong the lancer fire is both teams just sit and wait and toss flash bangs in hopes that something will happen. The lancer needs to be nerfed as soon as yesterday.


Yup, multiplayer has been lackluster to say the least. It’s not even fun at this point. So far what from what I’ve seen is the Tour of Duty and Medals are a hell of a grind for absolutely nothing special. Didn’t even bother to add the characters that show up in campaign, I guess since they tried to make Horde into a poor man’s Overwatch now each character has to have abilities and so on, so it takes more time to release characters. But, more than likely it’s to drip-feed content through the Tour of Duty with a huge grind.


the lack of a good horde mode wont keep me playing or spending any money.


The servers are absolutely disgusting. You can’t do anything without it disconnecting you and throwing you back to either the main menu or the dashboard. Jesus wept. It’s not like I even have high expectations. To me, a good day is one where I don’t accidently pee on the toilet rim, but this is just really shocking.


I feel like TC charged us extra to Beta test their game. Still hopeful that they get things worked out and fix these issues.


There’s like three swarm characters in the tour of duty


There are too little new enemies!And too many old enemies!

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No there isn’t. Like I said and maybe you should go take a look again. There’s a swarm grenadier SKIN, swarm sniper SKIN and a swarm drone SKIN. There are no actual new characters.


The multiplayer of this game should never have been released in such a state.

I sure hope that all the people downplaying the issues with references to other game launches (e.g. Diablo 3) are on the payroll of either Microsoft or The Coalition. It’s simply unacceptable to launch a broken product.


Yea this game is hot garbage. Going to beat campaign and I’m done. After 10 games of multiplayer i have had enough. Nothing but flashes, hammers and missiles flying everywhere not to mention op lancers. Just another crap gears. Once these free months of game pass are up and cod, gr are released, who will be playing this? Not me, that’s for sure.


I only had issues with playing co-op campaign, other than that my game is running completely fine, level 73 atm.

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Best part about this is they’ve been tuning weapons from the start of gears 4 and this is what they give us. Why? Most people left gears because they messed with the tuning to much. 2.0 settings were the best. Now it looks like they’ve thrown all their work out the door and grabbed the tuning files from judgment. Very sad to see! What was the point in tuning weapons in gears 4 for all that time? We loved the game because it took skill and their was a learning curve!! All for the money I guess.


Just to clarify, the Campaign itself is good and I’m enjoying it. Thing is I want to play it Co-Op with some friends and experience it together, but can’t cos it keeps disconnecting us and it’s really slow progress as we have to keep restarting consoles, recreate lobbies etc.

Played Escape mode briefly and that seems quite fun. Again, experienced some disconnect issues.

Played a bit of Versus AI to get a feel for the maps and it seems fine. Rifles feel very overpowered but the AI seems to have improved. As above, there have been issues with being disconnected alot.

My first impressions of the game would be pretty good if it wasn’t for the awful connections.


That’s the thing that killed me. They put all that work into getting gears 4 VS into a beautiful state. They’ll never please everyone but 2.0 was about as harmonious as you can get.
Then, they dumped all that progress.

I used to like the movement so much that I could actually watch other people play and there was a beauty to the movement. The new stuff is unwatchable. I tried watching a friend today (former GSQ member who you probably know) and his wallbounce looks constipated compared to how he used to flow on 4.

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That’s good to know. The one thing I’m looking forward to is the campaign.

I should add that the campaign “so far” is very good. We only got as far as completing Act 2 Chapter 1, and about to start Chapter 2 cos of all the disconnections slowing our progress. It could all be downhill from here! :grinning:

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I have to agree with everything you said. The multiplayer just feels completely unrewarding. You rank up so much to unlock banners and blood sprays that I could really care less about. I was hoping they would go back to the GOW 3 style unlock system, which literally required you to play the game to unlock characters. But they still got these loot boxes and 99$ iron microtransactions all over the place. :joy: The game almost feels incomplete in certain aspects, but it’s still not bad but it could be so much better.


It’s day 3 now and I’m STILL having trouble trying to play any coop mode without getting disconnected and after the stuff I’m hearing on public versus I’m afraid to touch it.


I disagree, the AI did not improve in this game for versus and the ones from Gears 4 were miles better.

People actually gave me ■■■■ on a reddit forum before the release of the game calling me stupid saying that gears is going to give you SO MUCH STUFF and you can earn it all in game with the tour of duty. I’m not stupid though, the way devs monetize things these days and with all the things they promised I was just waiting to see how they would go about monetizing because we all know devs these days don’t give their loyal fan base anything other than more ways to spend more money. I don’t remember at this point as it’s been a long time but I’m pretty sure gears of war 1 had more multiplayer characters.