I'm bored with mp

Bored…I play 2 or 3 games a night depending on how long it takes to fond a game and if some Scottish dude decides to take a 15 minutes cig break…:slight_smile:

Anyways…7 maps…I play the same 3 or 4 over and over. Still havent played icebound because nobody but me picks it.

Yesterday morning I played 2 games. Both on asylum…woo…talk about thrilling…

So yeah…releasing a bare bones mp for maps was really really not smart. You had 6 other games where you know people play the mp the most…so you decide to gut 5s mp down to 7… awesome


This MP iteration of gears is trash.

Flashbangs from hell
No HB anywhere in TDM or Execution
The connection stability even with all low pings is horrible and laggy
The weapons are all OP
The aiming feels off, characters move all stuttered
A GL? Lolol

Maps are campfests, even in TDM w respawns

This game just plays horribly with all the delays.

Shots not registering

Too much BS

It’s trash


Hey they did beat judgement with double the maps…so go team!

Yeah where is my hammy…


the y said if people ask for it they will add the five Gears 4 maps to rotation

tweet them

@ danasissons
@ GearsofWar


They shouldnt have to ask…just put it in…

And I dont use Twitter


this is exactly what the community manager said.

“if you want those maps in rotation, ask us.”


I’m glad…I still dont use twitter…
So here I am using the forum


Since all the weapons are strong now they should give us the option to bring out a retro-lancer and hammer burst at least in classic quick-play adding these two weapons is not gonna stop people from using a gnasher


Good idea.

Play Horde or Escape. Problem solved. Lol.

Escape and Horde just doesn’t fill that gap that a Versus player can only quench with Multiplayer…


MP on Gears Of War is awesome.

Learn to adapt to flash bangs and after some time you don’t even care.

If they put HB on maps which they’ll eventually do, you will complain about modded controllers and aimbots…AGAIN

Connection stability … WTF are you even talking about?! Getting in full lobbies in 20 seconds, playing solo or in stacked team.

If everything is OP then nothing is OP. Or …/Git Gud/ and learn how to play game.

Characters are not stuttering, it’s just your inability to connect corners and wall bounce probably…Weapons are all super accurate.

GL Hate now … don’t even notice weapon, people take it only because of cool Mortar function. I put few Longshot bullets in heads until people fight for kiddie Mortar.

Camping and tactical awareness isn’t a same thing-learn the difference.

All maps are amazing. Looking forward to new maps or complete reworks of good old maps like River, Ruins and Hail.

Classic trash Pigeon post or thread 10 times per day at least crying about GoW, his connection and nonexistent problems that only effect him.

Try PLAYING the game instead of wasting hundreds of hours per month on forums.


I’m sure the points he’s made are accurate in what he’s been experiencing, and I assume he’s played the game quite a bit now to have such negative thoughts about it. I’m going to have to agree with him, especially on the Flashbangs. I’ve been playing since launch and I still hate them. It’s not about adapting if they’re just broken. You can’t block the obvious criticism and valid points with those shades forever, y’know.


Five maps? I’ve seen Gears5 clips on Harbir and Foundation, what else is there?

Just one of the worst takes I’ve seen honestly

This dude said icebound and bunker were amazing LOL


Heck no

Imagine being forced to use another ■■■■■■ platform
to contact TC and NOT use the platform that’s directly controlled by them. 2019 in a nutshell.

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Trust me mate, you don’t want to play Icebound. An absolutely travesty of a map :sweat_smile:

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