I'm back on GOW4 and its effing amazing!

Title says it all.



That’s better lol.


Back with da boyz!

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I was gonna comment something snarky but who am I to ruin someone’s good moment :sunglasses:

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The artist is missing “gg ez”.

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But… But… There is no Scarred JD or Major Paduk in GoW4! :sob:

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How you held your pistol in Gears 4 was so much better. Not as good as Gears 1-3 but better than Gears 5.


Some people just can’t quit…

At Op. You spelt GOW3 wrong mate :+1::wink:

He really did. Even though I’m on gears 4 also.

I have returned to Gears 4 KOTH for the first time in a few months and while it is great a few things that seem more egregious than ever:

Lobbies taking 5-20 mins to get teams, and then dissolving almost immediately

Players quitting. I think I have played 15 koth over the last couple of days and only 3 matches have ended 5v5.

Toxic playerbase. I play a lot of Koth3, Control and of course KOTH4 and without a shadow of doubt, Gears 4 is the most toxic, be it in game with tea-bag or chat etc or after match with a message recieved, often in Mexican-Spanish.

Inconsistent gameplay. My ping (uk) is always around 150 on G4, on G5 it is 16-20. I dont know if this is the reason, but a game can be super smooth one game or even round to lagging all over the map ?

Those issues above still do not stop it being great when it works though, the fact I do not have to see a Terminator or listen to another player spamming an annoying character laugh is almost enough in itself!

Locust Forever.

I played gears 4 KOTH all the way until December of last year (finally made the switch to 5, where I only play OSOK because I believe the gnasher is garbage on 5), and I will say I faced all the same things the last like 6 months of 4 I played. Lobbies took forever and dissolved, people quitting games as soon as they started, higher ping on 4 than 5, etc. I would love to go back to 4 but I truly enjoy sniping on 5.

I’m afraid that lack of 120fps support on Series X and no controller remapping without an elite controller has ruined any chances of my return. I do really miss the game, but I can’t jump back and forth between vastly different experiences. Too old for that.

Gears 4 actually feels like a gears of war game unlike 5 it makes me so happy as a gears fan to see that more people are realising how awful gears 5 is

Gears 4 is easier to play than Gears 5 in general.

You can kill wonderfully with the Lancer without the injured crawling away.
The Gnaser and the Lancer are not quite correct also most of the weapons on the map are not set correctly. But you get used to it.

waits 5-15 minutes for a match…t he Burittos keep Gears 4 on running