I'm actually really excited for this

(tl;dr at the bottom) So I’ve heard a lot of people are unhappy with the way Gears 5 seems to be shaping up so I thought I’d offer my perspective on things because I’m really excited for this game.

  1. The main issue people had with Gears 4 at launch was it was too similar to the rest of the franchise. Now that they’re changing things up people are still mad. What change would people consider “good change” vs. “bad change”?
  2. I’m normally one to call out feminism in games and movies (cough Last Jedi cough) but I don’t see it here like a lot of people do. Let me explain. A) Having Kait be the main protagonist makes the most sense given the ending of Gears 4 where it was implied that since her mother was dead she would now be targeted to be the successor of the Locust. The Locust, like ants, have always had a queen so having a potential queen be the protagonist isn’t, in my opinion, feminist. Instead, I think it’s a very interesting plot device and I’m excited to see where it goes. B) About the whole “It’s not about you it’s about me” thing. I first saw it and I was like “woah feminist alert” but there are some things to consider. First, she just saw that someone she loved (Oscar?) was dead so she’s already upset. Second, she just heard from Marcus that there was potentially a place she could go to get cured and then she was ordered to go the opposite direction AND that opposite direction would put her in a perfect position to hurt her friends if she did turn. Understandably, she was upset about those orders. Third, it was JD bossing her around. They were clearly a couple at the end of Gears 4 (and Microsoft released some art to confirm this) so in the years between Gears 4 and 5 something must have driven a stake between the two which made it that much more annoying for Kait to be bossed around by JD. Fourth, it was hinted at that the medallion could be corrupting her thoughts which could also explain her seemingly feminist snap.
    tl;dr I think Gears 5 looks awesome, brings some change people wanted to the franchise, and isn’t feminist like a lot of people think.

Yeah Kait being the protagonist isn’t that big a problem, if the story requires it no biggie.
Besides we’ve had 5 other games with big tough guys.
It might start to get old for a 6th time.

Gears 5 looks new and fresh.
If it’ll be good or not remains to be scene.


We’ve only seen a TEASER.

I think WHATEVER TC put out would get hate.

Let’s just wait until it’s here and we can play it before jumping to conclusions.

Or at least until more actual gameplay has been seen :+1:

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Yeah don’t judge a book by its cover.
But personally myself I’ll just play it on Game Pass when it launches.
If I like I’ll buy it.

I think it’s amazing MS would offer it on Game Pass.

Should boost the player base and hopefully allow many new people to join in :+1:

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It is interesting that all exclusives are gonna be on Game Pass.
I wonder if Game Pass will boost sales or decrease them?

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Remeber, I’ve spent thousands on RNG packs in Gears,

They may lose a $60 one time sale however, get someone hooked and they could spend double, triple and more on packs and skins :+1:


Hmmmm, I think your right about that.
MS just wants the RNG money.

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Yeah I guess but Remeber, MP is always better with more people :+1:

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That’s true, more people = more fun.

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-Faster Matchmaking
-More players with bigger spread of Ranks
-More localised so less high ping players

And so on …

If people buy more, TC can invest more back in …


Yup, now all that remains is making the game good.

Yeah, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


If Kaits face is on the cover I’ll have a hard time buying this, and this is coming from a gears fan since gears 1

Hope they bring back a format of us unlocking medals or cards. Some thing that rewards for the Grind, or something to grind forward for

Buy Digital version, no cover included :+1: