I'm 97% Done with Gears 5!

So with the influx of awesome games coming up IE; Doom Eternal, CyberPunk, Streets of Rage 4, The Last of US 2, I have decided that Gears 5 will only have 3% of my gaming time from now until March 20th. I have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 again, along with Borderlands 3 still and Star Wars The Fallen Order. I still have to play God of War and finish Spiderman so my gaming time is spread thin. Gears 5 will most likely get 1% of my time soon enough. This is not a “I am done with Gears 5” thread keep in mind. Just stating the facts here. Please share your comments.


Great games will always be around to play. Nothing new here.

RDR 2 is ok. You should try Breath of the Wild, Witcher 3, or Horizon Zero Dawn. Incredible games. And you need to play God of War asap.

How old are you btw?

I’m 34. I want to get Witcher 3 since it’s on GP but I am not sure right now. Horizon Zero Dawn is on my list of games to get as well. I have God of War but I want to play through 2 and 3 before I play it. Kind of a struggle between xbox and PS4.

Im fully dedicated to getting out of Silver in Gears 5 Ranked KOTH. I have no time for anything else. Especially since i have to beat Master ranks to make it out.


Yeah I have a ps4 as well. I’m looking forward to the last of us.

We are the same age as well. Remember the glory days of gears lol


Here’s some more games to be released.

  1. Bayonetta & Vanquish 4k
  2. Final fantasy 7
  3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    4.Resident Evil 3
    5.Dying Light 2
    6.Little Nightmares 2
  4. Dreams [PS4]
    8.Weird West
  5. Ghost of Tsushima

Last of us 2?Is it too big or mainstream to make your list lol

Kick me in the face I don’t know how I forgot Ghost of Tsushima!!! That is literally the reason why I bought the PS4 a few months ago. That is probably my most anticipated PS game right now.

Nioh 2 will be good as well.

Tony already stated that game. and as you can see numbers is not a thing in my list. :rofl:

Yeah I saw videos of the first one and I probably should’ve Dl’ed the first one when it was free but I didn’t.

Yeah my bad I didn’t see he already mentioned it…

Yes, they just pushed it when they saw and played Sekiro

Sekiro is an awesome game. I have to get back to playing it as I’m only a few hours into it probably.

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Did you play sekiro? My favourite franchises are metal gear solid, dark souls, gears of war, last of us and when I was younger I have to admit I was Fifa mad. I’m a big football fan but I haven’t owned a fifa in years because my hands get sore playing them…

Damn by the time I wrote that sekiro had already been mentioned!!

I do recommend playing Ace combat 7 if you haven’t. I picked it up during the recent sale. And I never played an Air combat game. But its amazingly well-made game. And I really like it. I will play it through more times.

It really hooked me for some weird reason.

I wish they would make a new metal gear or splinter cell.

Any of you guys try death stranding?

I got hooked on that game hard. Did 100% :yum:

(My joysticks broke on my 4th playthrough) had too return my controller got the warranty so got a brand new one.

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Played it for 2 hours. Its very relaxing. So whenever i feel stressed i will play that game.

Yeah I enjoyed it. Took a 3 week break from gears to play it. Once nioh 2 comes out I think it will be a big break off gears 5 for me because tlou2 will be out shortly after…

If tlou2 would launch with factions I’d probably leave gears 5 for a very long time.