Illustrious Achievement stuck at %99

I have 11 classes at level 15, and yet the achievement has not popped. I can’t find hardly anything about this achievement in particular not working. Does anyone have any advice to fix this or insight on if it will he fixed or if TC is aware?

oh look another achievement stuck thread…neat

The answer is No for most of your questions:

Advice to fix: No. Some players had issues with other achievements (mostly damage/kills and or assists) and the achievement popped some time after. The problem is that the tracking for those achievements didn’t work for days/weeks or months).

About this issue being fixed: I hope, but TC didn’t show any interest (or acknowledge) about these issues with achievements for months.

If TC is aware; Maybe. One thing is being aware and the other is doing something about it.

I found another topic about problem with achievements. It isn’t about your achievement, but it’s the best that I could find;


Thanks, its nice to just have some information about it.