I'll give one to the Haters

So I bought the Skeleton Kait skin, and it’s bad ■■■.

The only thing that would have made it better is if I had actually earned it. There’s really no sense of accomplishment in paying for it.


There was a time not all that long ago that I didn’t have the money that I have today, and I would have hated anyone that played with this skin.

“It’s not fair. I’m being punished for being broke” would have been my attitude.

And I get it.

That’s all… I get why people hate this pay thing.

Or is there a way to earn it that I’m not aware of?

If so… disregard this thread and call me stupid for not researching it more.

So yeah, even though I love this game… I respect the haters opinion about the pay stuff on the basis of people that don’t have the money suffer for just that… not having the money.


How is offering goods and services in exchange for money unfair to people without money? By that logic, I should just work for free, I’m being unfair to those who can’t afford my expertise.


Broke players should be happy with Gears 5 since you don’t have to pay for a season pass/dlc map packs to get post launch content like you do in many other multiplayer games.


It’s not about punishing people for being broke. It’s about charging ridiculous prices when people already paid for the the game. Charging $45 to $72 for a complete skin set, $8-$10 for 1 skin ect is a slap in the face. It’s not a f2p game.


Meh, its optional cosmetic microtransactions. At least you don’t have to pay for the post launch content that actually impacts the gameplay.

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Queue someone crying about Grace, who everyone slams and says they don’t want anyways


I get that its optional but that’s not the point. The point is how is TC gonna charge $72 for a complete set of skins?? That’s $8 less than the Ultimate Edition cost. That’s f^cling INSANE


Ungh, I get so tired of this. Optional, sure, but the fact is that it’s not F2P. This is a retail game. I had no problem with the Season Pass model, it gave you content and the developers put it out because it was part of the package. You got pretty decent content for it too. Now it’s just flooded with terrible emotes, bloodsprays, weapon packs that are split up and skins. All stuff that would make more sense in an F2P game.
Not to mention that Iron isn’t as obtainable as it should be. Retail games shouldn’t have this model in them.



I get tired of that. You all knew it had microtransactions coming into it, don’t buy in and then gripe about it. The time to put your foot down would have been before you started playing.


Look, I get Gears mainly for the campaign and horde. As far as MT’s I’ve purchased 0 because I don’t buy into that model. I wish more people did and I wish game companies would listen, but they won’t because enough people spend money in that market.

Both arguments are tiresome, but people defending this model are the bigger problem because then gaming companies know they can get away with it. It’s still a disgusting practice.


I’ll take optional cosmetic microtransactions over having to pay $30 or $40 for a season pass. The beauty of Gears 5 is that you buy the game and don’t have to spend another dime but still get the post launch content for free.

Thats consumer friendly, in my opinion, especially if you don’t care about whats in the store.

It’s not consumer friendly because if I do happen to want something in the store I can’t EARN enough iron to continue not spending a penny. That’s the biggest problem. That’s why I support paying a FLAT FEE for content post launch and know that I’m going to get it. $30 to $40 is better than nickle and dime any day. It’s a guarantee, not this BS that we’ve got now.


I disagree. You keep showing up and populating the servers, that is the bigger problem. Games as a Service survives on warm bodies keeping those servers humming. Whales don’t want to play in a dead playground. You enable them just as much by walking through the door.

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That’s not completely true either because if people play but BUY nothing in the store then it’s still going to go stale on that end because they’re not generating revenue from a bad business model and have to think of a more consumer friendly option where everyone is happy.


That’s you acting like you’re taking a moral stand while still indulging yourself. If you feel so strongly, do both. Deprive them of mtx money and full servers.

The thing is I enjoy Gears universe and I don’t want it to die. Cutting off playing all together is going to make MS tank the property completely because there is nobody still interested in their mind. But by not spending anything at all in the MTX market makes them rethink their revenue strategy for a more friendly model while keeping the IP we like. MTX is bigger than the game itself because the more certain people buy and spend a lot in that market, the more game companies think they can just do that. It is a HUGE issue.


I’m sure we would all vote for the free stuff. I mean…no one wants to spend money. So, can we all just agree that free stuff would be really cool? We might not get it, but free stuff is pretty nifty.


Buying a season pass is no guarantee the content is going to be good and in fact they already have your money so there’s no incentive to go above and beyond. They can get by with giving you the bare minimum.

With Gears 5’s model they need to put out quality post launch content to keep people playing and have some of those players purchase store items.

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If what everyone says is true, that TC has no passion for the game and generating revenue is their only goal, then Gears is already dead-in-the-water. It’s got an expiration date. You can maybe buy it some more time by making it a huge disaster and making their corporate overlords course-correct, but half measures aren’t going to cut it. For all the talk of abstaining on these forums, the game is loaded with people rocking premium skins. You’re driving a hybrid on a highway full of diesel trucks, your symbolic gesture is not enough to make a difference.