"Ignore" function on the forum?

Is there an ignore function like just about every other forum has? Or, can we get one implemented?
I notice there are some people here who get really triggered over the smallest things and once they have it in for you, they follow you from thread to thread, baiting you into arguments.

Yes, I know I can just “ignore” them but having an ignore function is great because it doesn’t let them harass you and essentially tells them their behavior is not appreciated.



Afraid not, the only ignore type of funcion the forum has is mute feature and that only applies to notificatioms from other users.

This setting can be found in preferences → notifications

You can suggest this feature on the new forum feedback thread, however dont expect any new features on forums any time soon though since its likely forum feature updates is not their priority at the moment.

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Thanks for taking the time to post that. While like like that they made an effort to upgrade the forums, this one is structured quite different than just about every other one I’ve been one. It’s refreshing in ways, confusing in others.
I love the franchise though and hope the forum becomes a welcoming place for new Gear heads when #5 drops.

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Mute is a good option, otherwise I would recommend informing the mods about a user you feel is harassing you. Some users on here are already at the ‘barely tolerable’ level and a direct user report may be just enough to take action.

Any harassment of any kind should be reported to the mods on these forums.
Since it’s hard to see which mod is on at any given time, you can use @ forum-mods (one word) in a post/thread or send them a PM.

Also, if you want to contact a specific moderator, you can go here,

Someone called me anti feminist for dissing Kait… so i see what u mean :grin:

Hmmm…I would mute a lot of people especially after reading some of those achievement ideas they had

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Bit harsh dont you think? Despite their good intentions, dont think thats enough of a reason to mute em, but I suppose each to his own i suppose.

Also curious what kind of achievements did you find terrible?

I’d only mute like 3 people probably not half the community…but achievements suggested like join a game in a tournament or be apart of a community night, that’s a selfish achievement…the worst is get an x amount of kills across all the modes

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I too noticed the achievement thread was terrible. 80% of it was just adding volume to a specific task. Very little of it was an actual challenge that would be fun to go about achieving.

Back to topic, it was suggested that any harassment should be reported to a mod but I disagree. I think that should be reserved for punishable offenses. I don’t want to see mods burdened by mild bickering which happens in most threads. Ignoring simply helps take burned off of the mods. When the individual goes to post he gets a, “You are on this user’s ignore list” and it saves a lot of trouble for both users and mods. I’ve been asked to moderate several chats and I can’t imagine what a PITA it would be to mod this place. GhostOfDelta will be given sainthood some day for his patience.


I dont mind those achievement ideas, however realistically thats unfeasible to do since it would mean they would have to manually unlock the achievements to participants and I’m sure TC doesnt have time for that.

That seems like a decent idea but the drawback I see is that one person may trigger a flame war, rather than ignoring the said user the respondent will just respond back to the guy rather than ignore him. From these forums, you can tell there are some individuals with no sense or maturity.

This is now a feature with the latest update! Click into a user’s profile and you can either mute or ignore them.