Ight bois post your Gears problems here, maybe TC’ll see

TC probably won’t see this but yanno it’s gotta be said. I’ve read plenty of y’all saying similar things to this as I have experienced all the same problems as y’all. I’ve recently experienced a new Gears glitch, where after a match it just pretty much puts my computer into sleep mode but at the same time it’s not asleep, obviously because I didn’t put it to sleep. There’s no way to get it to come back on and you can’t alt-tab into anything. It just shows black, no it’s not my monitor, I’ve re-updated my drivers, all cords/connections are good, and I literally have never seen this problem with any other game. The first time it happened I was able to boot it back up, now, it won’t boot up at all. Thank you TC :grin: Gears 4 was terrible and filled with glitches and so is Gears 5. NOT TO MENTION the absolute lack of content. Re-up 1 gets you a RARE BLOODSPRAY? Blood sprays are absolutely useless in the first place but even worse , that’s youre only re-up reward. In custom games you have a different emblem around your level, but that’s it. I have yet to see it in a public match of any type. Couldn’t just put a few re-ups in there and have a new emblem or change the color of the level (like Gears 3) which was great. Also, the supply is useless as there’s nothing to unlock, bring the packs back because iron you have to spend to get camos because there’s only like 3 in the game to unlock isn’t the way to keep your game going. Like I said there’s plenty more glitches as other people have said, if anyone has some other glitches lmk down below. Sorry for the rant bois just really disappointed with everything in this game.