If you're going to host a horde lobby, pay attention

This has been bothering me more and more lately. If you’re going to host a horde lobby, pay attention. I’ve been in innumerable lobbies that get 5 people, strong classes, ready to go, and the host just never starts the game. Eventually people get bored and quit and what could have been a fun game just dissolves into nothing.

If you don’t have the attention span to wait 2 minutes for players to join, then go play matchmaking.


Keep in mind; ghost lobbies are still a thing. Even saw my own lobby a few weeks ago after coming back 2-3 hours later.

I usually check the profile of the host if it shows them in a horde-lobby and not offline or playing something else.


Oh and check the taps. If you go and grab the fab, and drag it across the map without doing a tap check, and the taps wind up on the other side of the map, I will quit and take my party with me. Exceptions being maps that dragging the fab to a place biases the tap check, like clocktower.

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Thanks for the tip. I didn’t consider checking the host’s profile. Also thanks again for telling me how I can share my captures.

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:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: solution

Normally I’ll also send a quick hello in game chat to see if anyone responds, if the host doesnt in a minute I usually find a different lobby


Good indicator too, if the host isn’t the first person on the list.
Besides ghost lobbies, who thought it was a good idea to switch lobbies from Post-Match results to Pre-Match just because the host left…

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Game chat isn’t broken on horde lobbies? I just saw 1 message on frenzy (wave 7) on Thursday,

Don’t think it was a ghost lobby because this guy came back and then tried to start the game before cancelling and realizing it was just the two of us


I really want the Horde Event can be played in Custom Lobby with Master Difficulty…still it’s Sad that the Estimated Time is 1 Minute, but I can’t find any Matchmaking after 5 Minutes…

A bit Off-Topic, but sometimes there’s No Choice to Join.

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Could you please explain this further? I’ve never seen this said before and it wouldn’t be a normal day if I didn’t learn something else obvious in this game I have no clue about :rofl:

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To be honest, the main problem I encounter is when the host doesn’t even give you 1 second to change a class. Get immediately kicked out.


I concur, I didn’t know you could bias the tap location on certain maps…

game should have had ready indicators, as in if they moved their mouse/controller past 5 minutes, its green;. if not, its red.

one thing that will always annoy me is the last person joins, and you want to give them 10-20 seconds to switch classes and POTENTIALLY change cards (usually cards are the same so doesnt matter) but if you start then they complain. or if you take too long then people leave thinking ur afk lol

also gotta love those people who join lobbies and just instantly leave. and whats worse is when someone joins as they leave and it looks like an afk lobby, so the other guy leaves. lol.


Completely agree.

Campaign lobby has this, so why not horde? Seems like an oversight or TC ran out of time before launch.

Hoping this makes it in for OP8


While neat in theory, everyone would forget to ready up all the time.

If only the gamechat was working (and being used by a majority )and not turned off by default for >muh safespace.


Oh, I’m not saying it’s a Ghost-lobby every time. I know that a lot of hosts do everything but pay attention to the screen, but it’s something to check just in case.

This also works.

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On clocktower, I’ve noticed that if you do a tap check at the spawn, you get taps down on the ground most of the time, but if you drag it upstairs you get good taps up there a slight majority of the time, maybe 6 out of 10 games

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Well they could always add another BIG reminder like they did with energy in horde where if you had too much the game will make it very clear that you do and put huge text on screen telling you about it (and let’s be real they added that because soo many people or newbies would often forget that they have a lot of energy even though some do purposely keep it to themselves)

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