If you use controller on PC can you also only play against Controller users?

I don’t use console, and prefer MKB, but a friend plays on Xbox and he is at a disadvantage when we play.

Is there an option for this?

I disagree with being at a disadvantage. KB+M is definitely going to give a PC player the advantage over console in a game like Call of Duty… but in gears… movement is extremely easy on a controller and thats where the disadvantage of using a keyboard comes in.

In gears of war; Controller > KB+M

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Not at the moment.

It makes sense but TC have no plans to introduce this.

Seems strange the only real benefit of PC is the framerate/no vsync and the controller.

Seems like it should only match controller users against other controller users.

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I agree,

A lot of other games are going down this route but then TC don’t always do logical things.