If you scrap a Gilded weapon in Gears 4, do you still get it in Gears 5

Probably a dumb question, but if I scrap, say, a Gilded Lancer skin in Gears 4, will I still have the Gilded Lancer skin to use in Gears 5?


Thank you!

Or just needs scrap.

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I consider that weird


How desparate can you be for scrap ?!, play some VS, or some horde, get a few packs with credits, scrap the stuff you don’t need.

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Yes you should still have them. But do you really have to scrap them?

So I ended up not scrapping them. I was thinking of ways to get scrap for the High Roller challenge. I figured maybe I could scrap the gilded skins.

Caved to peer pressure. :frowning_face:

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I would not scrap the weapon skins or the characters until after getting the reward in Gears 5.