If you made the game more rewarding people probably wouldn't start dropping out left and right

The ranking system needs a serious adjustment if yall want players to stop dropping out of thus game, I’ve been playing all weekend I live in down town Seattle with 1 gig internet and I haven’t played on the local server even 1 time, the average ping has been 80 the rediculous, the lancer is nerfed waaaaay to much you should let us spawn with a hammer burst, like the balance in arcade is so much better than ranked it’s not hard to tell if you actually play the game, the player pool has shrank so small in the last 5 days I dont even want to play any more and gears is my favorite game and I finc myself here playing c.o.d, I would prefer to play gears tbh but there is litterally no reward in playing it, that sc what keeps people doing things, whether its food, sex, drugs, games, it’s because it triggers are dopamine and gives us reward, there is litterally nothing rewarding about gears 5 right now. Figure your crap out or just keep loosing players

I play with @KlutchKwonDo sometimes and I think he mentioned he is in Washington. He pulls off some amazing shitz and was a master’s rank. Hell I even played against him and his lancer is on point so idk about host server coming out of that area I always join his games. Either way he doesn’t complain and just adapts or he is just that good. Probably the latter.

Get an active. Don’t be too far away. It downs and kills pretty quickly.

I appreciate the kind words, buddy :heart:

I live in Kirkland, WA which is about 25 minutes Northeast of Seattle and I usually get a mix of high/low ping. I’d say I get 25-30 ms connections a little more than half the games I play, unless I’m playing with friends who live in central/eastern time zones. Even on the higher latency matches, I just take into consideration that things may happen that are not necessarily representative of reality (e.g. kill cams may show inaccurate kills).

In my opinion, the lancer is perfect right now. It’s not so powerful that you’re constantly getting downed in half a second, but not so weak that it’s useless. I’d say it’s most effective when used for crossing from multiple angles. You definitely shouldn’t be able to dominate with just your rifle; it should be a mix of many weapons to help you win fights. For instance, maybe you put some lancer shots into someone as you’re getting pushed, then pull out your gnasher to finish the job.

My biggest problems with the game right now are the following:

  1. Ranking system is too grind-heavy and does not seem to reflect individual performance/skill very well
  2. The gnasher hit-detection (an update for this came out today so we’ll see)
  3. Matchmaking with a full squad takes ages to find matches

Outside of those issues, I really enjoy the game, and TC are constantly making improvements for the better (e.g. simple omen, tuning matchmaking, balancing maps, etc), despite what everyone seems to think. The game had a rocky launch for sure, but to continually being pessimistic about the game when TC is actively improving it helps no one.

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