If you don't want to play horde... Stop searching for games!

Yep, it’s necessary to think from another perspective.
There’s any barely any difference between being denied a Headshot because another Sniper killed by Headshot, and any other Classes killing the same target.
You may only be quitting just because there’s two Snipers.
Newsflash, it is playable and beatable as two Snipers too.
You might as well quit too if you’re playing Heavy, and another Heavy is there.
Play Soldier, and another Soldier is there… etc.
That’s why I said you may be confused, it’s easier to picture from unbiased perspective.

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I’m not confused at all I simply don’t enjoy and have no interest in playing with another sniper. Sentries are different those will be built no matter what and I try to kill enemies before they get in sentry range anyway. They chose sniper to have a good time? That’s cool however I don’t have a good time playing with another sniper so I simply leave and search for another game. Also whenever I’ve actually tried playing with another sniper they literally sit on top of me and aim for the exact same enemies which gets boring real quick. The thing is you have your ideals and I have mine I’m not gonna sit there for 2 hours playing something I don’t enjoy just because you said so.

In a few months you’ll have 34 motives…

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Class System sucks, btw.
No.1 biggest reason for quitting.
I’d love to see everyone pick up EMBAR, sit in same similar spot and some of these people will end up quitting… sigh.

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A few months? At the rate I’m seeing any map that isn’t those 3 I’ll be lucky to complete 50 waves on all maps by age 90 :joy:

I only play inconcieveable and have noticed over the last 2 weeks its has taken a dramatic turn. It used to be the rare match that was just set to fail and the rest were all the way to 50 but now its just full of quitters. I know the above statement might surprise people considering they were all public matches but I have been getting a lot of successful runs in pub at that level. Now its hard to find a match without everyone quitting. I am not one for quitting and the only reason I do is because of lack knowledge from other classes (picking up power and or building when not playing that class) or just because I was thrown out due to a connection error which has been happening more than usual but always message for an invite back.
I agree with op because it seems to now be full of people who just search and quit rinse and repeat instead of players who actually want to play. Thats all it has been today and the last 2 weeks and I know LFG is a thing and do use it the odd time but I prefer to sit back go into public and just play no headset no messages because everyone already knows what they are doing well until now it would seem.

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That’s what I want, an explanation why I can no longer play the game I paid for. All I know is that I was playing only Horde for nearly two weeks, then after playing as Scout one night I have not been able to play again since.

As there are no automatic bans for playing Horde, I feel that someone complained to a TC staff member with a video “proving” that I must have hacked the Xbox One code, since nothing could kill me, and they blocked my account. I can use another account, so I know the problem lies with my account.

Quitting has always been a problem in Horde, and online games in general. It’s just something you have to accept to some degree.

Personally I feel like when people quit because they don’t want to give a chance to a low level player, or to people who select multiple of one class, or to people who don’t want to suicide at the start of the game, they are doing me a favour. As in general it’s not fun to play with people who try to rigidly enforce their own demands on others in the team, and quite often people like this don’t reflect upon how they can themselves improve.

A no re-up engineer or Scout is quite useless, on Insane. When I see that… I’m out. Right away .


Well it’s not necessary to have at least one scout and engineer in every game in my opinion, but we could go down a rabbit hole with that one.

In every game? Certainly. On insane? Very few can go without at least one

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Those are fair points and I agree. I’m always up for helping people learn the ropes and will help carry a team if needed.

A lot of people see non re-up (whites numbers) players in a lobby and immediately quit. Which is a shame, as we were all new at one point.

I hop on casual occasionally and help players via global but this Mania “event” is too good to play anything else. On lower difficulty it’s expected knowledgeable player are needed to guide but not higher up.

I guess it depends on the class too.

A non re-up engineer or scout is going to drag the team down on insane, but you could carry a sniper, heavy or soldier in the same situation.


I have to say, do people actually do those bounties in public games? I always just pop into a private match on casual, get it done in 15 minutes and move on to the next one.

And now with frenzy modes I never select a 1-20 bounty in a 50 round game, it just seems like a complete waste.

Considering there are literally achievements associated with finishing Horde without utilising the skills of those classes, I’d say it’s doable.

It is doable. I have done it with out scout and or engineer (not for acheievements) but it does require coordination and not just random people doing what ever so th chances of doing it in public are rather slim to none.

Yes I agree completely. I play public only. Almost exclusively with randoms. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Me too. Seldom that you reach wave 50 on insane in 1 run with new players.
Developer should let “new players” unlock difficult classes when they have a reached a certain ammount of xp or something like that. like inconceivable.

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Locking by just completing the difficult below clearly doesn’t work.