If you don't want to play horde... Stop searching for games!

Well YOU personally not minding that doesn’t mean its the same for everyone else. I don’t know how playing on a foggy map is enjoyable in the least bit.

It is a bit annoying, specially for the sniper.

Easier for heavies. Just blow everything.

Public Matchmaking whether it’s for Versus or Horde is Cancer and very bad for your health. Everyone knows this. You don’t like using LFG but I’d say use it anyway to create your matches.

When you complete your matches send a friend request if they were cool and didn’t give you any problems. Rinse and Repeat. Eventually you’ll always have someone on your friend’s list who’s available to play Horde with you no matter when you get on. No more searching for randoms. Simple. :sunglasses:

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Part of the challenge, do you not want to try “blind” headshots?

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I got 280 kills as sniper on that map last night. None of those kills were achieved via sniper strikes. 95% of those kills were headshots.

It’s more than do-able.

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Well yeah, i mean playing with 2 snipers or 4 engineers is doable but its still a reason that i would quit to look for another lobby

Says you.

Lately the great Swarmak from hell appears on wave 25 to wipe sentry excessively covered bases and make some hi levelled and confident players back to humbleness.

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I would think not wanting an optimal match makes you unseasoned…I mean when i was new i wondered why people always quit but once i got good i understood why

I don’t really care about what classes are cued. I prefer a challenge. Two Engies? Let the shhtshow commence! As long as you get people who know their role and play it well any combo will work. I once was playing as engineer,and scout wasn’t depositing. He ending up dying and quitting on wave 5. There was just me, a heavy and a soldier left but we pushed through and finished all 25 waves! (Jingle juvies, insane, avalanche) Those are the types of wins I’m most proud of!


The problem is that people really don’t know their role.


My success rate for finding a public Horde match (which I only do if there is enough time before a TA session) with everyone playing their role is like 10%. Most matches, there’s at least one idiot who plays outisde their role and ruins everything for everyone else. I tell them not to do so in chat and with a message, but then leave if that crap continues because there’s no point in playing through a crappy public game. LFG works fairly well I found.


Because they completed their 100 kills bounty. I said it the day the game came out - some bounties reward bad behaviour. Remove all bounties except 50 waves, and increase their reward to entice people to stay.


That’s cray cray.

I was going to suggest TA for successful runs. I joined trueachievements.com for Gears 2 Horde, and now I have a bunch of friends to run Horde with. LFG didn’t really exist back then. I would still recommend TA for getting the 3 new Horde achievements.

I still played public casual for fun, and can solo it even if everyone quits, but there is usually one or two players that stick with it and send me a friend request at the end of the match. That was until TC banned me from playing Gears 4 because I was an unkillable Scout. Unless you play Gears their way, it is the highway.

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Explain TC banning you for playing Rambo Scout. I played that way a whole bunch while level 1-200 ish. Never received complaints or messages (casual difficulty).

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Its bad for my stress levels…
Lfg is full of speed runs or casual.
I’ve never seen anything else.

I have 3 valid reasons for quitting.

  1. Dam
  2. Fallout
  3. Relic
    Other than that I’ll make do with whatever classes, noobs, power hogs, and outright imbeciles I get matched with.
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I agree with this. I play sniper or engineer but mostly sniper these days and if I see another sniper I will always quit because like you said I have no interest in fighting someone for headshots for 50 waves.

What’s with the two Snipers logic?
You’re even competing against Engineer’s Sentries, Heavies, Soldiers… etc.
Even these Classes may be trying for Headshots, Heavy with Torque Bow and Dropshot, Soldier with Retro Lancer… etc.
@sancris777 I think you’re both confused.
You really just want those majority long ranged kills, but you’ll still be disappointed as only Sniper while Engineer has Sentries killing majority at times.
Then it’s not about having two Snipers aiming for Headshots, you really just want kills.
When you’re aiming down your sight at enemies and their head gets blown off by another Sniper, what’s the difference between that situation and Engineer’s Sentries firing at them?
If you don’t want anybody to disturb your aiming for kills, there’s always an option to play private all alone and by yourself, nobody else to interfere.
It’s always gonna be competitive going for kills, if someone else chooses Sniper as first choice, they just want to have a good time and choosing to leave only wasted more of own time.
There’s lots of utility cards on Sniper Class, and the other Sniper may be using some you’re not.
For instance, you might be pure DPS (Damage Per Shot) Sniper, while other Sniper has Radar Ping, Sniper Strike, Team Revive, Called Shot, extra enemies marked with Called Shot… etc.
Two Snipers ain’t bad if the Base isn’t too solid, as both of you can take out most enemies really quickly before they get too close Decoys or Base.
There’s always an option to hang out in a different area of the Base, to clear out enemies on one side.
What’s another reason for leaving when two Snipers, besides competition for kills amongst every Classes and Sentries?

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Oh yeah because I can totally play inconceivable by myself without getting instantly murdered by wave one. I also see you are trying to change the scenario as if an absolute necessity such as the Engineer is the same as another Sniper taking my kills…