If you don't want to play horde... Stop searching for games!

The problem with LFG is that it is an absolute farce.

  1. I have to change my communication preferences from “friends only” to “everyone”. I don’t want to do this, and it shouldn’t be mandatory.

I don’t want to have to go back to receiving childish trash talking messages in versus just because I want to LFG in horde. Changing it back and forth all the time is a ridiculous hassle. I’m 32 and a father of two kids. I’m an adult, I don’t want the hassle of dealing with childish messages from salty players.

You don’t even need to communicate in horde if you have people who know their roles.

Granted this is a Microsoft problem, but that doesn’t make it any less of an issue.

  1. LFG is frustrating to use on PC if you play with a controller in front of the TV. The invites have to be done via keyboard and mouse. Good luck trying to do it with a controller, you’ll be there all day.

So those two reasons alone make LFG such a chore that it ultimately defeats the purpose of it.

If these problems were resolved, I’d use LFG all the time, but as it stands, I can’t.


When it (LGF) doesn’t crash on my XBox I once tried to join an Horde match but all I could do was show I was interested. Not good enough for me. I wanted to say a few basics incl how long I’d be available and don’t bother if I’m in another Horde match. Its very limited.

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Lol I might’ve only finished a small handful of public games of horde in my gears 3 career… now that was some brutal finding a match where people would stay… I’d say although things are not perfect they are much improved

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As for the OP anyone think there may be some idea of superiority going on here apart from other reasons? AKA “You guy’s aren’t up to my standards. I’m quitting on you!”. I can see many gamers doing that. I remember being puzzled on the 360 when people could rate themselves and soo soo many rated themselves as Pro. Yes well over 50% of them earned their keep by playing on the Xbox! :roll_eyes:



Mind you, I will quit soon on Insane when I get whites that show they will be pain in the ■■■■ to the game.

You and every sane person have this problem. When I was reading your post I was thinking: Damn this is my horde life in a nutshell.

Me and my friend do a dual run as Engie and scout and it works sooooo well.

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I recommend not playing social horde.

Make sure you gather your own team via Xbox LFG. Create your own post to avoid the speed runners.

Also, the social horde is honestly plagued by TCs decision to include bounties that are awarded for completing waves 1-20, get X number of kills, do X with this class. Those bounties often have people complete the bounty and quit. They should do away with them IMO and just have bounties for finishing horde

Or have the bounty only count if you finish all 50 waves, meaning if you quit early you have to start over again.

That is exactly how it works if the 50 is selected. Should have a lock for chosen bounty. Can only choose 50 within 50 wave match and such.

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Social horde may be frustrating but for me it works. I complete a few runs on days I play.

all people do in horde is ■■■■■ and moan. i had a guy quit the other day because he didnt want anybody to help him move the fabricator. im like… wut

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I understand you. What I recommend is that you look for communities of players (xbox, facebook, etc.) there is easier to find good players.

We had a Heavy quit cos I revived them twice to exchange Markza so I could drop 1,000 Power too.
Some quit for really stupid reasons.

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Well there are a lot of reasons to quit. For example, I play as sniper and i refuse to play with another sniper as I don’t like competing for headshots for the whole 50 waves and I also will quit if Harbor Haze comes up because that map is one of the worst maps in any video game ever i mean who wants to play on a map for 2 or more hours where every 30 seconds fog comes and blinds everyone. and playing with multiple engineers or scouts is usually pointless as well

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i agree that harbor haze is terrible. but having multiple scouts or engineers pretty much guarantee completion.

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Multiple engineers?

That’s always bad.

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A challenge would be fun, but many just use horde to level up fast, so they only continue on games that they believe will reach wave 50 easily.

If you got one of each class in the team and they got their skills maxed out it can be quite easily. My soldier and sniper are already pretty overpowered regardless of the difficulty. When there is a maxed out engineer in my team, I barely need to do anything, his sentries wipe out everything before I can shoot. It got way too easy. I finished horde mode more times in gears 4 in a month than on gears 3 in the several years I played it.

And that’s what we call sentry snore fest.

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If you see a map you don’t like you can quit by signing out of your profile. Doing that and signing back in takes less time than waiting for the timer to finish, waiting for the match to load, and then quitting.

That’s funny because we didn’t really mind being two Snipers, and the only Wave 1 to 50 we completed was on Harbour Haze when I chose Engineer… :roll_eyes:
No wonder some people are still so picky.
If you were with us when that Map was chosen, you would probably have quitted too. :neutral_face:
The only siutations we quit was when didn’t have Engie + Scout.
Quitting for other reasons aren’t acceptable, how do you call yourselves a seasoned Horde player?
Mind you, that Harbour Haze was pretty easy with a good Engineer.

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