If you don't want to play horde... Stop searching for games!

You people are driving me insane.

I’ve been queuing for a game with my buddy @Ektope for like 30 mins now. We haven’t managed to start ONE game yet due to people quitting.

Why is everyone so ridiculously picky about class lineups (and to a lesser extent, maps)? Why is everyone so afraid of a challenge?

I hate how Horde has become a project now, where you have to first dedicate ONE hour to finding a team that won’t quit, then dedicate 1>2 hours to play the thing.

Can you all PLEASE stop being so picky and just play the game? Or don’t and stop queuing for a game then quitting because the lineup + map isn’t absolutely perfect in your eyes.

If you want to just sit in cover behind a wall of sentries all day, go play another game.

I want a challenge. Please stop being so stubborn and give different class lineups a chance. As long as there’s a Scout and an Engineer, 1-50 or 1-25 is possible on all modes, with any class lineup (including those two classes).

Again… if you don’t actually want to play because you’re searching for the dream game that rarely shows up, do us a favor and don’t search at all.

If you’re a horde player who doesn’t quit and want to play with like-minded players, join my club: Gears 4 Horde Legends



Public Inconceivable.
It doesn’t really matter which Difficulty or Event, it happens in either.

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Lol, you could be doing that in Private you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could play in private to. :jack_o_lantern:

Yes, but the difference is wanting to do Wave 1 to 50 with four other human players, since we need Engie + Scout and maybe others. :ghost:

Just use LFG.

I dont think you fully understand how four players can mix up the 0-1 meta.:pig:

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If we did on Private, we wouldn’t really benefit from Wave 30, 40 and 50 Bonus Skill Card, which could be Epic Skills.
I don’t always use LFG for normal Horde runs, it’s much easier to simply go into Public Horde matchmaking, and would have access to ALL the Maps (in rotation, ofc), without Season Pass.
In my experience with Speed Runs, the pings have been all over the place with 300+ from some players and such.
Going into Public Horde, there’s been less of that and usually under 100- ping.
It would take too long having to invite players back when they do the meta 0 to 1, quitting then inviting back… rinse and repeat… :roll_eyes:


Teady gets it

He gets how to make unconstructive posts, you mean.


Hah, dude can’t be serious. Who would actually join a match just to pick a class and skills? Just look at your inventory. That’s funny though.

As far as finding a game, try more insane 25 wave matches. I feel like I get paired with decent/good players (and that want to complete the match) about half the time. And quickly enough so that if the matches goes the way of leavers, I didn’t waste much time just getting started.

I don’t think you understood Teady. Just use LFG to find enough players to make a group of 5 and then search in Public Horde on whatever difficulty you want. Now you have a full team and you get your bonus reward cards too. It’s what a lot of us have to do when we don’t have our normal squad on.


This is the reason I haven’t been playing horde for probably a month now.
Spending longer searching for a team to complete 1 to 50 than it does to complete the game.
Gonna try and get back into it a bit more though and see how bad it is.

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This is what I’ve been trying to say. They should take out classes/difficulty and make the wave number up to infinity. Horde has too many factors involved and players can’t just search for a game.


I agree with the easier matches to find on 25.

Good players?

Same for every mode!!

I don’t understand people that do matchmaking and then be AFK the whole game!

Same for quitters and especially in horde - when they quit on Wave 7 - like why start the game ??

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I will set from offline to online in case I am on same time(s). You are one of the few I’ll gladly team up with anytime.

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Screw LFG. We shouldn’t have to resort to that crap. We should just be able to use the built in public horde.

That’s like saying never search for public versus games, just use lfg.



Guess my sarcasm wasn’t apparent lol

Well unfortunately, that is as good as it’s going to get.

It’s been like this since launch, it’s been like that in Gears 2, it’s been like that in Gears 3, and guess what, it’s exactly the same in Gears 4.

Ok, sure, I will tell the thousands of people who don’t look on these forums to stop quitting. Yeah, that will show them.

If you are so bothered about wasting your time, about teammates who want the dream game, why don’t you remove that from choice? Because even with map voting in Gears 3 and Gears 2, people leaving has been present in each game, even though the majority of players get what they want, and no classes are involved.

Unless you create a playlist which has quit penalties in, for a casual game mode, then your wish will never become true.

I can also reverse the title. If you don’t want to have quitters in Horde… search with LFG!