If you could will any game into existence

If you could imagine any game into existence what would it be?

A few i would want would be:
A marvel vs dc fighting game it doesn’t matter if it plays like a faster tekken or mvc

Scalebound especially if they removed the multiplayer that was teased just to focus on the actual game. Who doesn’t want a pet dragon?

Ninja gaiden 4 if it doesn’t go the slower soulsborn route that every action game seems to be going

The force unleashed 3 but pre Disney so a lightsaber would still decapitate enemies like it’s supposed to

Burnout 5 I’m sick of realistic or semi realistic racing games

And of course the gears collection even if it’s just a port with more accessibility and controller settings

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Zen pinball with Gears and Dragon Quest tables

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Haha. Maybe zen pinball 4 if they make a deal for gamepass. Although it would probably be a halo table

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Yeah, sadly my top picks wouldnt be high up on their list.

Other game I would will into existence would be a Gears version of Metal Slug.

Maybe that could happen for mobile and hopefully last longer than pop. I’m not even sure if forza street still exists

~ treevax vision of dragon ball raging blast 3

~ obviously more spin offs of gears, tactics 2 would be something i would like, or equally interesting things, like games based on pendulum wars or a game dedicated exclusively to onyx guards, they can be old or modern onyx, or even both. i guess that the gag that those who are supposed to be the “elite” soldiers at the moment of truth are useless must have been hilarious at the time, but it is time that the onyx are given the love and respect they deserve and that they have never had. give more love to gears

~ a nice game of saint seiya that is not another gacha

~ dbz burst limit 2, burst limit is underrated

~ a new f zero, ehehe ┐(︶▽︶)┌

An ESO update from like 2017 before the game was ruined.

Single player open world gears game