If you could have any fov/resolution, which would you use?

1080p (80 fov/default)

1080p (100 fov)

Ultrawide (80 fov)

Ultrawide (100 fov)

Super Ultrawide (80 fov), not exactly, but close enough. A bit more width and it would be true 3840x1080.

Super Ultrawide (100 fov)

Another screenshot


What exactly does this mean in relation to the FOV? Is there something I’m not aware of in regards to the resolution settings together with the FOV?

Anyway, I’m sticking with default. 100 looks… almost ok, but already looks almost like it has a fisheye-lens effect. Ultrawide 100 just looks terrific and the super ultrawide just leaves me with one question… How?

Ultrawide is basically a wider monitor, which adds more screen in-game, without having to mess with fov settings.

Super ultrawide adds even more width, so more screen.

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So this is only for monitors or does it also apply to TVs(if there is a difference between the terms, usually I just refer as monitor to my small PC screen). I play on this big boy on my Xbox. (Screen lit up for better picture, it is night time so not ideal lighting conditions).

If memory serves, it’s 55 inches in size, 4K 7 series Samsung.

Mostly monitors, since TV shows & Movies tend to use 16:9 aspect ratio.

They do have some 50" suw monitors though. The length is diagonal though, so they won’t be as tall as your tv, just longer/more in-game screen.

Monitor 1

Monitor 2

Monitor 3

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Default FOV.

Anything else looks ridiculous.

I play on a 4 by 3 CRT on 60 fov

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I think OP is talking more about aspect ratios and less about resolution

32:9 insanity

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160p - 60 FOV.

I like to live life on the edge.



4K HDR 120Hz 90 FOV


1440p 16:9 - 240Hz - 100 FOV.

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Playing on an ultrawide would definitely mean fewer people sneaking up on me. Considering Gears is such a horizontal game, the added vertical space in the standard 16:9 ratio doesn’t really do much, functionally.

That slight advantage isn’t enough to make me buy a new monitor, though. I’m happy with my two 4K monitors side by side.

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I love the originality of the names, what’s next. Super Ultrawide God? Super Ultrawide God Blue?

Anyways I love ultrawide 100 fov

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I mean if I could pick, I’d want to play on with 120 FOV with this https://twitter.com/sSnubs/status/597826635480567809

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I play on my Xbox Series X, what I use is: 4K HDR 60Hz 100FOV

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Time to destroy you all with my Peppa the Pig vision.

And I max out my fov slider on 1080, 60. Any higher and I lose my lunch all over the desk. Meaning vomit.

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65inch oled 4k 120fps VRR 100 FOV visual