If You Could Bring Back Any Previous Weapon Skins

There’s plenty of weapon sets that I’d love to see make a comeback,

At the moment, I feel like Gears 5 is lacking in quality / quantity when it comes to skins, weapon sets etc.

Not having a separate COG & Swarm loudout was a big oversight / mistake.

Not having Emblems in the Matchmaking Lobby & Scoreboard was also a big mistake / oversight.

But anyway,

Onto the topic at hand,

From all the previous games,

What Weapon Skins / Sets have been your favourite?

For me,

I’d have to say the Black Mamba Skins.

A small detail people may have missed,

Depending on your team (COG/Swarm) - the Snakes had different coloured eyes.

Blue for COG,

Red for Swarm.

When you died, and dropped the weapon, the Snakes Eyes would go grey / light would go out.


Black Phantom skins. They looked fantastic in Gears 4…now they suck.

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I also wish the Team Phantom Skins,

Were less Orange, more Red, for the Swarm side.


Yea it’s strange how many of the teams are more orange than Red, they forgot what color the Swarm are :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Heartbeat skins

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The Chlorophyll skin from Judgement was one of the best and I would also love to see the Xbox skin come back from Gears 3 and Judgement


These are the ultimate skins.

Shame I never got them :disappointed_relieved:

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OG Gears 3 Onyx Skins. Those are my babies.


Alright — top skins in the history of GoW.

Splyce lancer in Gow4

Midnight in Gow3

Liquid blue in Gow3

And the best skin in history, any game, any weapon — I literally don’t even think it has a name, but this masterpiece. If this were in the store for 50k Iron I’d buy it instantly.

I don’t even have a proper picture of it only this video.

There’s also a red version which can be seen here, the player I kill is using it, and it’s also amazing.

Seriously TC, you can have all of the money in exchange for this skin.


I agree and they were changing them after gears 5 had already started, when we first started playing gears 5 the blue or red marking was not on the guns similar to gears 4. nothing more irritating then to get MVP in versus and your stqnding there and holding what it sure is not a black phantom skin.


Midnight omen, ivory, ocean, oil slick, thunder and a full set of swarm pod.

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I just want the Bedazzled skins back only because I have an incomplete set. :sob:

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  1. Emissive Black Steel
  2. Console
  3. Las Vegas Supporter full set rather than the load out set.

I would’ve said team phantom, but thankfully Gears Esports already announced the return of that set this past Tuesday.


Teacup. Underrated masterpieces.



Enjoyed those more than Riftworm Heart.


Oooo Swarm Pod were actually really nice!

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I’d like to see Ivory, Hypefestation, and flaming skins from Gears of War 3 return.

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Being based on such a big part of TC’s gears story its actually laughable that they ignored completing a set of this.

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Liquid green Xbox weapon skins from gears 3

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