If you could bring any character skin/make any skin in gears 5 what skins would they be?

I would love to see a GILDED CIVILIAN/GILDED AMOURED ANYA. Or long hair version of civilian anya.

A Onyx armoured Kantus
Locust player sized berserker skin (because
it would look funny seeing a tiny human sized berserker🤣)

Would be coool to see battle damaged skins. Bullet holes rips and bloody skins
With like bandage and stuff
(battle Damaged Marcus)
Ripped under clothes big chainsaw cut ih the chest armour or half of it missing with under top showing and a cutt arm

Something like that


Gilded Griffin…FTW!!!


Would be cool If everyone got a gilded skin. Especially gears 1-3 legacy characters.

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Would love to see a Gears 5 Blue Omen skin.


Here is hoping they bring back some of the weapon skins too. The armoured sets were my favourite. And the pink and black, “pink troupe” and teacup. The problem was some skins did not see a full set like the ones mentioned.

Hope that changes in gears 5 XD want my cute boom shot!

Repunzel Anya? (Click drop box)

Although Gilded doesn’t always look great. I would probably wanna see Outsider Kait skin again.


I’ll take Repunzel anya. And afro coal train too :rofl:

Oh god o.o gime dredlocked coal train Imma buy all of that.


That’s a tough question. I wanted my Palace Guard for so long and got him in 4, kind of (he was a bit…gold), but the Black Steel version was beautiful.

All that’s missing now is Palace Myrrah. Come on, she doesn’t ALWAYS wear that armour.


Garron Paduk and the liquid Xbox green skins

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Very much would like this skin to carry over. Its a collectors item and by far the rarest weapon skin in the game.

Awesome gun! Please carry this over into Gears 5, TC!


Sam in anything really, but with NEW added voice lines as well :+1:

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A black phantom A. Carmine. I would also like to see those Run the Jewels guys bound and gagged.

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Reminds me of the golden lancer in gears 2. XD in a game with no skins you were god if you had a gold one. Limited additions price skyrocked cos of it and the preorder gold hammer burst

I lost access to my rank 100 gears 2 account with my god gunz :sob:
Passwords and old emails suck, It happened when Microsoft random did those random “Please put in your email and password” things they did every few years on 360

I was like, :neutral_face: ok :roll_eyes: mmmmm :thinking: what was my favourite thing 5 years ago… :tired_face:. Ahhhhh :fearful: THATS NOT IT!? :sweat: my save data… :sob: MY DIGITALGAMES :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: MY GEARS 2 SKINS!!!

So yeah thats exactly why i love that skin. It was OG in Gears 2 and i purchased the limited edition lancer which came with this code. As of yet its not being carried over, but it absolutely should. That in-game weapon is a collectors item! :smiley:

Dude that Rapunzel Anya is my phone’s lockscreen.

It was my Gamerpic a while ago—maybe I should revert it.

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Bring in: Unarmored Marcus.
Make: Tomorrow Marcus (from the Gears 4 Tomorrow trailer) and black tank top Marcus (from Coalition’s End and Gears 3 art, which is also my profile pic)

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This was one of my favorite skins and it would be amazing to have it back.


Well isn’t that just Unarmored Marcus with the Doo-Rag?

I hate that it’s a Hold Replica exclusive. Paid 150$ for the standard and then it dropped and the Gold released with sounds and a skin. Hated it. Didn’t bother to buy it again.

Unarmored Marcus has a sleeveless green V-neck shirt with wear and tear and no bandana. It’s not a tank top/beater. :grin:

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