If you complete the tutorial for Gears Tactics you get Armoured Gabe Diaz for free. Are there any more promos like this?

I mean I’m enjoying Tactics so far and I have game pass ultimate so it’s “free”. For new players saving 2k coins is nice. I currently only have 20k which I’m saving for the weekly store in the new OP.

Edit: I also stated in the post I already earned him so you’re too late lol

Imagine the people who bought a $600 kait statue for the glacial skin lol.

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lmao apparently they also sold her with the controller. If you got that gears 5 xbox one x you got her and ice jack. Rip those guys.

I just wanted Biker Gary :’(

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Well, the 2 people I know of that own her paid the necessary deposit and cancelled their order immediately after recieving the code for the skin. And I don’t blame them, F4F has atrocious quality (running theme with western figures-companies).

lmao didn’t people do that with like gears of war 4? Or Judgement where they offered a gears of war 1 code with every preorder so people farmed the ■■■■ out of codes.

No clue - never paid much attention to pre order bonuses. I do however still own the Gears J -shirt that came with my preorder.

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I got the gears 5 one x on ebay for $300 flat. No cords/controller/codes:( but I really just wanted the box, not he x one the one it came in for my cats, they like expensive boxes:)