If you agree or disagree with the "removal" of smoking in Gears 5, You're wrong. Here's why

Rod said that he has always been against smoking so it isn’t “removed,” it’s never been there. With the exception of Barrick in Raam’s Shadow that is accurate. There are a few examples in the comics of people smoking there really isn’t any other reference to smoking to make note of. BUT, what if I told you everyone is ignoring the most important things we should be thinking about?

The question we SHOULD be asking ourselves is, “With only this single reference to smoking in a Gears game ever why would this even be worth mentioning?” It would be easier to just never mention it at all and no one would have even noticed since Barrick, the only character to ever smoke in game, is long gone. I’ve asked myself this question and this is my conclusion…

Barrick is a MP or Escape character in Gears 5 minus his signature cigar chomping! This is simply my conclusion and I have nothing to base this off of other than what I’ve written here and my own massive hopes that I’ve had to see him return to MP since Gears 3. If I’m right, I already have my main Cog skin, if I’m wrong I’ll just be sad.

What are your thoughts on the idea of Barrick possibly returning minus the cigar? Personally I’ll take him if he’s chewing on the stem of a pretty pink flower so long as I get to hear that deep scratchy voice while I get my butt kicked in game. :smiley:


I think its more of a PR stunt then anything else.


I smoke cigars


The new Escape character Keegan totally looks like he would have been the cigar chomping type as well lol. Guess we’ll never know now.

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Frankly i think its disgusting. Like really? Its 2019 and a major company is doing this? There is a whole group of people who identify as smokers and TC is just spitting in their faces. What reason will @T0NY_HAYABUSA have to play the game now?


Can we get some diversity here? I mean, come on. Why must TC discriminate in such a way. Sad

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I, a hardcore smoker, don’t care one way or the other if fictional characters kick the habit. If Barrick’s back, he could have a purple schlong hangin out his mouth for all I care!


I think he sounds a lot like him too which is another reason I think Barrick may be coming back. Same voice actor perhaps?

For people concerned with discrimination: the game won’t be choosing to overtly preach against the act of smoking, it’s just something that won’t be present. It’s an accessible, addictive health risk that Rod/TC don’t want to glamorise. This is their world, after all.

It might seem daft being an M-rated game, but let’s not forget that smoking is not something we’ve seen in the franchise over the last 13 years, apart from one scene. It was a non-issue in the first place and should never have been an article.


Well said. Part of the reason I started this thread. This is really a non issue and only being discussed because of a 3 paragraph article.

I still want Barrick :wink:


Normally I wouldn’t really give a monkeys about this sort of thing. If a company wants to get behind a particular compaign, then fine, let them.

The thing that bugs me though, is that while they say they want to discourage smoking, they’re also happy for the likes of Monster (energy drinks) to promote their product through some GOW5 preorder exclusive skins. I get that smoking carries larger health risks than energy drinks (and are addictive), but there’s some hypocrisy in all of this given that energy drinks are widely recognised as being bad for people due to the amount of caffiene and sugar in them.

Also just to add, I think that anyone who is saying that TC are discriminating against smokers, or “spitting in their faces” is being melodramatic. Promoting a non-smoking campaign is hardly controversial given the risks that smoking carries. If people smoke and want to continue smoking, that’s up to them. To say that removing the depiction of smoking from their games (and there’s not exactly many depictions of it) is discrimination, is going a bit hysterical.

That’s not to say I support this method. If they want to promote an anti-smoking campaign, fine. But removing it’s depiction from their games is an odd way to go about it given that smokers and smoking exists. Smoking is a thing that happens.

I’d argue that using energy drinks to promote their product is arguably worse than depicting a character in their game smoking a cigarette.


Dammit Pepper you leave my energy drinks alone lol

I’m against something so let’s censor it


Well, if you’re right about Michael Barrick returning for Gears 5, then… that could mean Zeta Squad members in Gears 5, including Alicia Valera who didn’t turn up in 4.


This ^

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I completely agree about the energy drinks as well, I’ve found it odd for a very long time. There’s even been some discussion in the Netherlands about putting a minimum age on the purchase of energy drinks.

As a side note: a lot of people who die of lung cancer never smoked, they’ve had the bad luck of being too much in the presence of smokers. So it’s a potential hazard for others as well. But in a way that goes for alcohol as well, you don’t need to drink to die from alcohol - someone who does drinking and driving can do that for you. With drinking too many energy drinks, the only victim is you.


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