⚙️ If we was to get a Marcus Fenix Collection

Gears 2 - Please add - Road to Ruin - to the Gears 2 Campaign timeline.

Gears 3 - Please add - Gears Aftermath - to the Gears 3 Campaign timeline.

Gears 3 - Please add these base Characters to the Gears 3 Roster.

Gears 2 - Cyclops
Gears 2 - Grenadier Beast Rider
Gears 2 - Multiplayer no armor version Skorge
Gears Judgment - Aftermath Paduk

Definitely something possible, they added the extra pc act to UE for everybody so I can see that happening.

Probably not, but I’d welcome it for sure. A very fun act.

Gears 3 beast rider>>> and this is coming from someone who’s favorite locust character is the grenadier

Dont know the difference between 2 and 4-5s Skorge
Aftermath Paduk is a waste of time to make. Just give us Judgement Paduk and I’m happy. It’s a shoulder and wrist guard difference.

Beast Rider 3 , 4 , 5 & UE are all Drone Beast Rider & all the same

Beast Rider 2 is the only Grenadier Beast Rider & he was the first Beast Rider Grenadier that never made a comeback since Gears 2.

Also Aftermath Paduk is the correct version in Gears 3 Campaign timeline Judgment Paduk is way before Gears 3 timeline.

I’m aware of this, I played him in those games.

I know, I should’ve been a little more clear I guess. It would be cool to see him return but I think the newer beast rider is cooler.

Gears 2 Grenadier Beast Rider
Gears 2 Multiplayer version no armor Skorge

Sure but the difference for Skorge is minimal for me.

At least with the gears 3 drone and the grenadier, it’s a much bigger difference and they have different voice lines.

Definitely would buy it😎

A Marcus Fenix collection would be a colossal waste of time. If the old campaigns and multiplayer maps are going to be redone in a new engine, better to be part of Gears 6.

There is no benefit in having it as a separate release unless it’s an Unreal Engine 3 remaster, in which case the Series S/X backwards compatibility emulation enhancements more or less have that covered.


Re the various Collection and Gears 6 threads perhaps some consolidation would be a good idea ? Just a thought.

Locust Forever

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It would be if either of those things were officially announced.

If and then I will create master threads for particular topics :slight_smile:

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absolutely ,
and it splits players up to Gears 6. Remaster full no go. A remake with a new UE 5 engine maybe, but we rarely do that and it takes a lot more time, so a complete no-go for a remake too