If we ever get the Golden Miner which version will we get

Gears 3 Golden Miner & Gears UE Golden Miner it’s the shoulder pads. Gears 3 Golden Miner is 2 shoulder pad Gears UE Golden Miner has 1 shoulder pads.?


the second one better,

I prefer the golden hunter though

Any, and the Hunter :sunglasses:


Golden Hunter is legendary, I truly hope TC puts him in game considering they did a good job with bringing few of the never before playable chars to life, this should be doable.


Well, we’d need the actual Miner first.

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In GOW 4 they did a classic Golden Gear event so fingers crossed they could do something similar

Classic Golden Gear with Classic Golden Miner or Hunter as earnable skins sounds pretty good to me

Or for being different they just do UE Clayton Golden Gear and the Miner from that game

I’ll always prefer the original miner for nostalgia

Yeah and it would just be another Drone skin with a filter on the voice for the helmet sound

I was never a fan of the UE golden gear but I like the new golden miner in UE.

I wasn’t either
Just thought TC wouldn’t want to redo the same event because you know how some people would feel about that on the ever so GOW Politcal forums

yet people are ok with blood drive coming back every game :roll_eyes:
I wouldnt mind it much, and the OG golden gear that came back to gears 4 had the original voice lines from gears 3.

Don’t forget Gridlock

And also what do you mean blood drive coming back every game I have no idea what you’re talking about its the same layout sure but the decorations change so like, like uh ■■■■ I don’t have a reason to want it in the next game again, oh I KNOW, I hate original content but complain when we get re-released maps and complain when we get new maps, thank you this is why blood drive should be back again- said every blood drive simp

it plays horrible in pvp as well. its a classic horde map but it needs a rest in gears 6.

Oh I didnt. its hard not to.
I dont mind remasters of maps, actually I love them, when (key word when) they are maps we havent seen in ages. like river coming back. good choice.

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That map hardly gets picked in KOTH and FFA, is it popular in other modes?

Would love to have Mercy and Jacinto back :cry:

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Day 3,487(days since GOW 3 release date) of waiting for Thrashball stadium to come back

Day 3,487 of waiting for Trenches to come back

yes, in guardian and in tdm last time I remembered.
I dont want mercy to become another checkout so im ok with it not coming back.

Thrashball is on my list as well. TC picked some good maps to bring back in gears 4 like hotel, mercy, checkout, and old town.

Right but I just want to be able to crush a dude to death with the score counter in modern graphics

Id like it if they were to update thrashball, but i wouldnt mind a simple remaster. it would be cool if it was all pristine and if it was DB themed since in the lore, DBs now play Thrashball.

Id like it if TC were to give us a vote on remastering maps in the future, giving us a choice in how an og map comes back. like if they would have given us the choice for clocktower, would we want it back exactly like in gears 1, or the updated version we have now.

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Yooo that’s actually a good idea, maybe now that its fixed too the stadium could be symmetrical due to the right side stands being closed from rubble
I’d genuinely play it still if it was designed to be pristine and DB themed, as long as I can crush a man with the score counter I will play it

I wish we had more maps with interactable objects to kill people like that

it could work, but I wouldnt mind a straight remaster of thrashball either. River is basically a straight remaster of the gears 2 version, except its more detailed (which I love) and it doesnt have that grey filter.
however Thrashball would need a slight rework to make it more fair to access the mulcher spawn.