If ur a real gears fan

If ur a real gears fan u don’t go on the games forum and ■■■■■ and complain, and say things like I’m not playing it anymore, I’m ditch gears to go to cod, I’m not playing untill they sort cr@p out, gears 5 is the worst game I’ve ever seen, bla bla bla, u don’t turn ur back on the game just because it has some problems, you can go on the forum and post some suggestions but u don’t have to diss the game to a certain extent, if ur a real gears fan you stick with the game through the rough times and the good, u have to give them time to sort the problems, it’s not easy, if it was we all would do it,if u think its that easy go try make ur own game, and stop dissing the game you say ur a real fan of, it’s just annoying to see people ■■■■■ and moan and say that they r a real fan, if u don’t like it don’t play and don’t call urself ba real gears fan, I’m a gears fan, I’ve been playing since gears first released and I’ll keep playing untill they release no more and then still go on playing. I just had to get it out.

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Family guy sucks, ok it doesn’t, I love family guy, damn it.

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By the very nature of the forum more people will come on here because they don’t like something,

While some complaints are over the top, most are quite valid and people are understanbly frustrated with things like server issues negatively impacting on their enjoyment of the game.

Closing as this type of thread will only result in arguments.