If this is true

Then that are some really good news. I am really wondering whey he doesn’t say anything about this on these forums here.

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I tend to use Flashbangs but only because it feels necessary at times. Sadly, they barely work on the enemies due to lag but the same could be said about smokes in Gears 4.

However, a change is needed. I’d rather they ditch flashbangs all together and just add stun back to smoke if they must have a stun effect in the game.

It would be great if they leave them as they are and just make them a pickup. Not much work for them and majority of the people would be happy too.

I don’t find them useful enough in their current state to be a viable pick-up weapon. The effectiveness comes from the ridiculous spam of them which in itself is an actual problem.

They really need to release a full official statement that talks about the changes they want to make to MP. I just looked this morning and the rating on the Xbox store is down to 2.9, the number of viewers on streaming services are declining, and the forums are in complete disarray.


If they made it like flashes in campaign and horde (~5 second blind from a full flash) they could definitely be situational pick up weapons. However I’d prefer they just make tweaks to them .

Make it a pick up.

It’s literally that easy. In fact it’s that easy I’m amazed they haven’t done it.