If they gave us one last remake what would you want?

Other than the maps that have already been remade, I think that Trenches, River, Hail, Jacinto, Sandbar, Subway, Stasis, and I’m sure there is a ton more I missed

Any map they bring back would be even better if in snow

Nice to see some Flood love.

River gets my vote (Horde) or Fuel Station (MP).

I really feel River is over rated its a decent map but Gears 2 had a ton of maps that were better

I was gonna mention this. Flood forces players to leave their camping spots.

100% All Fathers Garden

Jacinto or/and River

It would be funny if in Gears 5 they did what Nintendo did with Smash and brought back every map and character.

But like, you have to earn them, not hope for their gear pack to return (ahrm Theron Sentinel aherm ahem…)