If they are going to copy fortnite at least do it right

The ONLY reason why fortnite works with its vbucks is because its game is free and TC in its infinite wisdom decided to do the same but in a game of pay and with ridiculous prices, I am writing this at the right moment that the store was updated on September 24 and again there is the stupid mac delivery man! wtf minimum put characters that are worth as guards or a carmine, do not put a disgust of skin in the store for 2 weeks in a row! not even the friking chrome steel are in the store


Characters will be free. Skins are just skins, if you don’t want them or like them then don’t buy them. I doubt I’ll ever buy any of the skins


Everybody says you get characters for free, i feel like i’m missing something because everything on the TOD is a lame re-skin and anything you would actually want is locked behind a paywall the store and can only be obtained currently through the store


We should at least have all the characters in their basic Form. Baird, Cole etc. Who the hell wants a bloods pray or a banner lol. I just wanna play my favorite character and listen to the bad ■■■ lines. Bot no you get nothing and you have to do stupid stuff to unlock them in the future.

It was over a year before we got classic Baird on Gears 4, sad times

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I bought gears 4 like 1 year ago, so I had no clue xD I should have stopped with 3 like I did, but the addiction got me back -. -

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Imagine if the first TOD had all the classic characters like Marcus, Cole, Baird, Anya and Dom. People would actually want to progress through it and feel rewarded, having 5 characters (for cog) at launch and the rest re-skins is pitiful. Huge lack of content in this game, couldn’t care less for blood sprays, emotes or banners when you can’t even show them off and that’s all there is in TOD

A lot of people feel the same way, but we have no clue. Tc does know what is better for the players lmao.

Yeah it’s funny…
Epic Games creates fantastic games for adults to enjoy (GoW 1-3).
Then against their better Judgement create ‘Judgement’ (probably through pressure from ms(speculation)).
Epic Games says “No more”, sells franchise, then sells itself.

Imitation Epic is formed (probably through pressure from ms (more speculation)).
Imitation Epic recreates Original Epic’s game in order to learn how to make a GoW game.
Does ‘okay’.

New Epic emerges with a new free successful children’s game.
Imitation Epic creates a childish adult’s game - GoW4 (probably through pressure from ms (even more speculation)).
New Epic continues to gain success with it’s original children’s game.

Imitation Epic decides what the hell (probably through pressure from ms (yeah there’s lots of speculation)), let’s make our adult’s children’s game playable by infants.
Let’s see how many weeks in a row these babies will continue to buy the same brightly coloured overpriced digital junk in our store over & over & over again before an adult realises & says "Get outta that menu & go play some Ranked damn it, THAT’S the game "… Or at least he/she thought it was, because he/she were there at the beginning of the timeline.
Infant gets MVP.
Infant buys Pride Flag for next time.

New Epic laughs it’s ar$e off on the way to the bank.
Microsoft laughs it’s ar$e off on the way to the bank (not speculation).
Imitation Epic gets the hatemail.

Or something like that =]

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It went down hill when cliffy b left epic. People can fly made judgment with epic (cliffy already left) the game was a straight fail lol. People can fly was bought later by epic games. Epic sold gears to Ms 2014 I think and black tusk studios now the coalition is a contract studio from Ms.

Yeah, didn’t wanna get too detailed, it’s a long enough rant (I guess you could call it) as is, but the basic information is there… Haha sorta =]

How about not copying Fortnite at all. It’s not needed. Stick to your basics and what got you where you are today. No need to reinvent a whole new game. Gears does not need to be childish like they are making it. Some of the expressions do not belong in Gears. I also hate it at the end of Escape when the MVP does that little fist pump and a smirk. That whole animation sequence seems so kid-like.

SW Battlefront 2 did the same thing. They made an entirely new game that played nothing like the first one. Not even sure why it was called BF2, it was that different. Please TC, do not let Gears fall into this hole.

The problem is, the core fans wich are around for a long time, they do not care about them, because most of them stay loyal no matter what. They want more casuals playing the game, that is why they made these drastic changes. You got the ultimate edition and there was not a single character from a original gears game. Only halo and terminator lmao. What does that tell you? The loyal fans just got a slap to the face imo.

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“If they are going to copy fortnite at least do it right”

Doing it right:

True. It’s a huge let down when your whole tour consists of campaign skins and starter gow 4 swarm skins. At least make unlockable skins for doing stuff in campaign or reaching certain achievements.