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If theres enough players

(TGLT Clutch) #62

just changing play style against high ping players should be enough for experienced players(you can even see player pings now)

(Krylon Blue) #63

Depends. High pings? Yes. Fluctuations? Not so much.

Trust me I’d know. I’m a Diamond 3 so I’ve battled hard and succeeded. It’s just annoying this game is such a mess

(Goodacre) #64

ya because month 18 was when Gears: Judgment launched. of course the numbers for Gears 3 dropped at that time. Judgment took a big chunk of players, skewing the numbers and allowing TC to say “there was more players at the 18 month markk for Gears 4 then Gears 3” and being technically correct.

we’re on 2 years and 3 months removed from a new Gears game VS 1 year, 6 months from Gears 3.

(Omen LP) #65

My ping is between 15 and 65, depending on which US server I connect you… Recently the overwhelming majority of my games put me at about 65ms which tells me I am on the southern server. Sometimes the Mexican players have lower ping than me, lol, but mine doesn’t jump between 65 and 350 in mid combat :wink:

I am not at the skill level where enemy ping of 100 is an issue for me, so most of tuhese 100-130ms enemies aren’t causing me frustration, but I see some 400+ ones which just destroy the matches…

I am just hoping TC will learn from all this and will make Gears 5 “better”, to retain more US/Canada players longer… I love the game and want to keep learning and getting better, but I hate feeling like the matches are filled with the contents if the bottom of the barrel of the player population …

(Me0wMix CatFood) #66

I’ve found that connection issues can affect high level players more because they are playing a game of inches. High ping is less an issue than ping that jumps around. Can’t tell you how many times I set up a prefect shot with a few wallbounces and then the opponent teleports a few ft away as the server catches up and he just hard aims my life away.

(mizzelphug) #67

There’s a reason TC keeps holding tournaments in Mexico City …and it’s not for the solid infrastructure. They can see where their player base is located and they go there to bilk more money out of them.

I started checking the profiles of everyone in the lobby who isn’t sporting that flag as soon as I get into matches now. I finally got into a match with a few players in the US for the first time in at least 2 years this past weekend. Most of the time if they sport a US Flag emblem they are located in the country directly south of the US and attempting to avoid being reported for something.

(Yogy DMT) #68

I believe it

(buscobuzzy) #69

If were looking for TC to give the stats we all know how accurate that will be! “Statistics don’t lie but liars make statistics”

(Omen LP) #70

Lol, we changed all of our flags to Mehico one time and played tea bagging and humping every kill… Ooh, boy, did we get a lot of hate in the game chat, calling us stupid immigrants, telling us to go back, telling to f-off, learn English (we did a bit of “jajajaja” in text chat)…

I guess we were unlucky to hit US players the one time we wanted to go against southern players, “jajajaja” :wink:


I can never get a game in half the game modes

(AlphaKnight04) #72

Totally agree. TC has been stating that we have a higher population in the game now than 3 at the same point in the game cycle but has never produced actual data to back it up. I liked how in Gears 3 you could see how many people were in a particular playlist. It really helped when trying to find a game. Even now after so many years, people are still playing Gears 3.

And I agree with Bleeding Pepper, how exactly does TC count their data? A lot of people just come back for the special events. I’ve had all the achievements and challenges done in this game for a few weeks now and I really only come back for the special events or if someone I know needs help. The rest of the time I log into the game once a week just to collect the daily rewards for scrap (I usually don’t even bother playing a match) before shifting to another game. Does this log in count towards TC’s numbers? I’d have the same effect by going to the Cards page on the website. So we’d definitely need to know how TC calculates those numbers.

(Krylon Blue) #73

I’d love to know because I’m playing against nothing but 150ms players today and the matches run terribly. I’m a bit frustrated that I’m sticking to walls and if by some off chance I don’t stick to the wall I teleport backwards into said wall. The funny thing is that my ping has been a steady 20-40ms tonight depending on the match so it’s not on my end.

@the-coalition, it’s time to explain why on a dedicated server my movements are dictated by other players with garbage connections. No other game suffers from this issue yet you ignore the complaints. Just in case you don’t realize it yet these complaints won’t go away if you ignore them. What are you doing to solve this issue so that it doesn’t happen in Gears 5?