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If theres enough players

(DLCarr17) #41

Just a guess but I’d say that just because we have plenty of people still playing on the US servers, other regions may not have near as many so their players get moved onto our servers after they’ve waited a few minutes. I don’t know if this is the case or not but it makes sense to me.

(Mr Perkinator) #42

An issue for me is I don’t like playing EU KOTH, there’s so many full on, sweaty diamond stacks, while I’m sat at an onyx 3 when in no way should I be finding that stack, I never play in a full stack of diamonds, there’s a lack of EU players and therefore these are the only people I can play. I prefer having Americans in my squad and having fairer match ups against more balanced teams, am I going to be on higher ping? Yep, maybe if TC made a more enjoyable multiplayer, the game wouldn’t be dead

(sancris777) #43

I don’t believe TC Octus when he says anything tbh :grin:

(magicalpig76) #44

I noticed Gow4 was on sale last week: $5 digital download for Xbox or PC. I was hoping that this would bring more players into the mix, but based on how matchmaking still constantly puts me on my 3rd or 4th closest server with other players whose pings are 200ms+, it seems I was wrong to think things would improve. There is still the faint hope that a good number of people did purchase the game during the sale and are just still downloading or playing through campaign, which would explain why the versus population still seems so small

(Krylon Blue) #45

I’ve played on European servers with a 95ms ping. It was within that Gears 4 exclusive 80-150ms “Semi-God Mode” ping advantage window and it was quite amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my shots register more consistently before. That’s messed up because I play with a 5-60ms ping depending on the server in the USA.

The point here is The Coalition tries to avoid the fact that there is a high ping advantage window. This window has created a lot of negativity amongst players with higher pings when this shouldn’t be the case. I want to be able to play with friends across the world but it’s just not fun when the game is unable to handle what almost every other AAA game in existence using dedicated servers has been able to do. Unless The Coalition stops programming their game to benefit higher pings there will always be hatred towards these players and create a greater divide within the community.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #46

Trying to but it’s telling me your public profile is hidden so I can’t access the option on my phone. Anyway, it was a comment on someone here who thrives on being disruptive and antagonizing. :smile:

(Krylon Blue) #47

That’s weird… I haven’t changed anything. I’ll send you a message so you can message me.


Might as well stop thinking that it will be fixed. They already have a few guys working on Gears 4 and the rest on Gears 5. They will only release tired content as in those holiday events and special events. As I said in a different thread, I uninstalled my game and sold it to Gamestop. Got $2.50 for it yet I got $11.00 for Sniper Elite 4. Figure that one out.


runs away and cries big tears of sorrow


Sorry man. Had to move on. Besides, Metro Exodus comes out in Feb. and I have AC Odyssey DLC tomorrow and Onimusha Warlords comes out tomorrow so I will be busy along with RDR 2. I have no fun in Gears anymore and it’s been dead to me for a few months. RIP Gears 4


Guess I’ll just have to see you in Gears 5…


I have attempted digital CPR on it though! Didn’t seem to work…


You know, I actually thought about using the disc as archery target but then I remembered I could trade it in. I probably should’ve used it for the archery target since they gave me $2 for it


That would have been actually funny, if it wasn’t so sad…


Just look at the bright side…

(Mr Perkinator) #57

I have friends who’d rather play Gbs against Americans as they know they can sponge an their shot and then 1 shot them, it’s pretty funny tbf, just a shame that TC’s method of combating it did nothing but kill off nearly every mode for us Europeans

(TGLT Clutch) #58

why do people complain about high ping players in core? Us PC players are happy to even find games without having to wait more than 5 min.

(Krylon Blue) #59

Because it’s a very large problem in Core too. The enemy isn’t where you see them so they sponge the shot while you explode despite being directly behind them.

(TGLT Clutch) #60

never really had a problem(35 ping EU ,110 USEast)but if that’s how it is for most players then TC should probably increase matchmaking time to fix it for those who don’t want high ping players(200-300 ms)

(Krylon Blue) #61

It’s mostly an issue with higher unstable pings like those from Mexico. A player pinging at 300ms is at a disadvantage but unfortunately as a player from the USA I deal with Mexico players who always range from 80-150ms which is the lag advantage range. Add in their constant fluctuations and it’s a nightmare.

On the other hand, I’ve played with Japanese players with 200ms and above pings and had minimal issues. Stability is key as is the game over compensating for the 80-150 range