If theres enough players

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Trying to but it’s telling me your public profile is hidden so I can’t access the option on my phone. Anyway, it was a comment on someone here who thrives on being disruptive and antagonizing. :smile:

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That’s weird… I haven’t changed anything. I’ll send you a message so you can message me.


Might as well stop thinking that it will be fixed. They already have a few guys working on Gears 4 and the rest on Gears 5. They will only release tired content as in those holiday events and special events. As I said in a different thread, I uninstalled my game and sold it to Gamestop. Got $2.50 for it yet I got $11.00 for Sniper Elite 4. Figure that one out.


runs away and cries big tears of sorrow


Sorry man. Had to move on. Besides, Metro Exodus comes out in Feb. and I have AC Odyssey DLC tomorrow and Onimusha Warlords comes out tomorrow so I will be busy along with RDR 2. I have no fun in Gears anymore and it’s been dead to me for a few months. RIP Gears 4


Guess I’ll just have to see you in Gears 5…


I have attempted digital CPR on it though! Didn’t seem to work…


You know, I actually thought about using the disc as archery target but then I remembered I could trade it in. I probably should’ve used it for the archery target since they gave me $2 for it


That would have been actually funny, if it wasn’t so sad…


Just look at the bright side…

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I have friends who’d rather play Gbs against Americans as they know they can sponge an their shot and then 1 shot them, it’s pretty funny tbf, just a shame that TC’s method of combating it did nothing but kill off nearly every mode for us Europeans

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why do people complain about high ping players in core? Us PC players are happy to even find games without having to wait more than 5 min.

(Krylon Blue) #59

Because it’s a very large problem in Core too. The enemy isn’t where you see them so they sponge the shot while you explode despite being directly behind them.

(TGLT Clutch) #60

never really had a problem(35 ping EU ,110 USEast)but if that’s how it is for most players then TC should probably increase matchmaking time to fix it for those who don’t want high ping players(200-300 ms)

(Krylon Blue) #61

It’s mostly an issue with higher unstable pings like those from Mexico. A player pinging at 300ms is at a disadvantage but unfortunately as a player from the USA I deal with Mexico players who always range from 80-150ms which is the lag advantage range. Add in their constant fluctuations and it’s a nightmare.

On the other hand, I’ve played with Japanese players with 200ms and above pings and had minimal issues. Stability is key as is the game over compensating for the 80-150 range

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just changing play style against high ping players should be enough for experienced players(you can even see player pings now)

(Krylon Blue) #63

Depends. High pings? Yes. Fluctuations? Not so much.

Trust me I’d know. I’m a Diamond 3 so I’ve battled hard and succeeded. It’s just annoying this game is such a mess

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ya because month 18 was when Gears: Judgment launched. of course the numbers for Gears 3 dropped at that time. Judgment took a big chunk of players, skewing the numbers and allowing TC to say “there was more players at the 18 month markk for Gears 4 then Gears 3” and being technically correct.

we’re on 2 years and 3 months removed from a new Gears game VS 1 year, 6 months from Gears 3.

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My ping is between 15 and 65, depending on which US server I connect you… Recently the overwhelming majority of my games put me at about 65ms which tells me I am on the southern server. Sometimes the Mexican players have lower ping than me, lol, but mine doesn’t jump between 65 and 350 in mid combat :wink:

I am not at the skill level where enemy ping of 100 is an issue for me, so most of tuhese 100-130ms enemies aren’t causing me frustration, but I see some 400+ ones which just destroy the matches…

I am just hoping TC will learn from all this and will make Gears 5 “better”, to retain more US/Canada players longer… I love the game and want to keep learning and getting better, but I hate feeling like the matches are filled with the contents if the bottom of the barrel of the player population …

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I’ve found that connection issues can affect high level players more because they are playing a game of inches. High ping is less an issue than ping that jumps around. Can’t tell you how many times I set up a prefect shot with a few wallbounces and then the opponent teleports a few ft away as the server catches up and he just hard aims my life away.