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If theres enough players

(ll R E D l) #1

So if theres enough people playing as TC claims why am I ALWAYS getting matched up with high ping( unstable connections) players from the south? It makes no sense. EVERY game theres at least 2 people whos pings are just all over the place yet TC claims Gears 4 has more players at this point than previous Gears.


To this day, I still do not believe TC Octus when he said there was more players at the 18 month markk for Gears 4 then Gears 3. I’m still waiting to see the data to back this up.

(Bleeding Pepper) #3

I’d like to see how they measured this too - in terms of methodology (for both GOW3 and 4).

Do they randomly pick a day and record the number of individual unique players who played the game on that day?

Do they look at a certain period of time (e.g.: a week long period or a whole calender month) and record players who played at least once in that period? Or do they only record players who played at least 5 times in that period (or other criteria)?

(Duffman GB) #4

On this subject, I would be amazed if Gears 4 has players on it 7/8 years after release like Gears 3 does.


Who knows at this point but TC.Probably a way to see who signed into Gears altogether, whether MP or SP

(Bleeding Pepper) #6

That’s just it though. If TC’s data was basically counting players who signed in, then that’s meaningless in reality. A player signing in once over a 7 day period to play 2 games of a time limited event like OSOK differs greatly to a player who signs in everyday and commits to 2 hours daily for a 7 day period. I guess that’s why I’m curious about TC’s methodology (cos I basically want to pick holes in it! :grin:)

(mendigo2005) #7

Maybe it’s the same reason why I’m paired with hi pings from north…

(ll R E D l) #8

are you from across the boarder?? What I dont understand is if Mexico is this huge player base then why arent the getting matched with each other

(mendigo2005) #9

“Across the boarder”… Funny how I hear that often, I wonder why.

That’s a matter for Coalition, and maybe mexicans to solve.

(Krylon Blue) #10

The issue isn’t high pings but rather inconsistent pings. It’s true that a higher ping between 80ms-150ms tends to be a step ahead which is frustrating and definitely needs to be fixed for Gears 5. But it’s still very possible to beat these players if you’re good enough. The real issue comes from inconsistent connections which happens to be the majority of players from Mexico that I’m paired with. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve seen plenty of US players with these issues but the percentage of US players with this issue would be closer to 20% of those I see. Mexico players would be much higher at around 90%.

No one would give a damn about these fluctuations if they only affected those that are causing the issue. That’s how it’s supposed to be. I had major connectivity issues with packet loss (ping spikes) when Titanfall 2 was newer. When I tried to play I’d be running in slow motion and teleporting backwards. It was like taking twenty steps forward but moving no further than an inch. Of course, as it should be, I was the only one experiencing issues. But when someone on Gears 4 brings this into a match it makes the whole game run terribly for everyone else. Sponging, teleporting, shot delays and other stuff. There’s no excuse for a 5ms ping to be experiencing this stuff.

Bad programming allowing any inconsistent connection to ruin a lobby. And when 99% of lobbies have at least one inconsistent ping, no matter where they’re from, this is a major issue that has still gone unaddressed.

(mendigo2005) #11

I could play horde fine with a “vs-hi-killing-ping”.

Lately matchmaking is throwing me at all sorts of regions. For the first time in two years, I’ve experienced a full teleport experience.

Low player base finally reaching horde? Can’t say for sure.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #12

I WISH they would also make some effort to group people from the same country. Just because Mexico borders several US states doesn’t mean that the games play well.

It’s not just the quality of connection that separates us, but it’s also frustrating not being able to communicate with 80% the people I’m lobbied with if I try to play solo. When I get on the mic while playing solo, I pretty much only use what little Spanish I know because I’m grouped with so few Americans. Giving out call outs in English is almost pointless now.

(Krylon Blue) #13

Even Horde feels sluggish with high fluctuation pings. I usually don’t even care as it’s not a competitive match but it certainly happens to me there too. The issue goes away once that player quits or disconnects which makes it so obvious what’s causing it.

(mendigo2005) #14

You could always go to spanish classes…

(ll R E D l) #15

I only asked “across the boarder” because you said south after my response. I could really careless my problem is what @Krylon_Blue mentioned. Its not the high pings its the unstable ones

(mendigo2005) #16

My ping on that teleport incident was never fluctuating that much, was “only” absurdly high - around 400ms.

(Fatalist Flames) #17

I come across the occasional higher ping (+250) but this match the other day was horrible. Never dropped below 900 the entire match. Not making excuses for the loss, bad decisions on my part, but it didn’t help, lol.

(Krylon Blue) #18

400ms will cause you to have issues for sure but if it’s stable it won’t have a major impact on others. The advantage comes from a 80-150ms player but it’s still bearable. The unbearable lag issues come from any player, even a 5ms, if their ping sky rockets mid match due to poor stability.

(mendigo2005) #19


(Krylon Blue) #20


That player must have mastered playing with high ping because at that ping they can’t really move. They will try but it will be like standing in one place for them.