If there were no skins would you still play?

If this game had no skins would you play? They have you get secret achievements for skins like special events, live streaming, not to mention spending 10 bucks on packs. But if there was none of that garbage would you play?
Finding ranked matches takes too long, ranking doesn’t work well, sponging, ect ect. All that stuff Everyone complains about, would it be worth/enjoyable enough for you?
I’m thinking really hard about getting 5 just because 4 was just a skin pack cash grab. Don’t get me started on esports. I Personally am sick of theses skin events/streams. Seems like that’s all anyone cares about is which skin or if their diamond rank


It’s a good question. I think I would have gotten bored of ranked if it were for me trying to get some of the weapon and potential character skins.

I remember playing Gears 2 a lot and not caring about skins, but tbh that was before I had already been playing Gears for so long.

If you take away the skins and ranking system from Gears 4, I think I would have stopped playing a long time ago. Ranked would be boring and the game couldn’t keep my interest like Gears 2 did, since Gears 2 was new to me.

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If they weren’t there, yes I would still play.

They just “enhance” the MP for me with subtle customisation.

The variety of everyone using different skins and setups is refreshing too.

It’s always funny to see someone kill me and then get out their pistol to have a look at my skins :joy:

If you’re playing a game to open loot crates, why not just stop wasting time and go to a casino?

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It depends on which skins you mean.
Character or weapon skins?
If all COG’s were COG Soldiers and all Swarm were Drones.
Then it wouldn’t stop me playing, it’s not that bad playing those characters.
Weapon skins, they don’t really matter too much.


It’s not really about the skins but rather the people you play with because skins are fun to unlock but without friends or people to talk to the game gets boring.

I would still play Gears even without skins. I dont really care about the skins at all.

Casinos let you play with credits?

Didn’t realise it was all free?

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I would still play because there’s no other game with gears’ combat system. Sure it’s far from perfect but it’s unique in this time where it seems like FPS is dominant in the shooter genre

I would but its the bragging rights to have certain skins and characters that keep it real

No. That’s not at all why I play the game. Skins are just an added bonus to me. But they are a point of frustration for me as well but not for the same reason as most others. The whole having to watch a certain stream on a certain day at a certain time on a certain app certainly frustrates me to no end, with next to no heads up, alert or notification about said stream. I still look at that Adopted skin with envy the few times I get to see it. I’m just glad I didn’t even own an Xbox One when that was available or I woulda rage quit the whole damn game for missin out on that one. And now that I have BS SS Cole I have no reason to waste money on Esports packs. Until TC makes a BS Armored Kantus (fingers crossed) that is lol. And when I started playin Gears 1 back in 06 skins hadn’t even been thought of yet. I got into the game for the actual gameplay, not what my weapon looks like. As long as it kills the mf’er I’m aiming at I could care less if it’s an animated dog turd.

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(I actually miss GOW when everything was truly gritty dark and evil without Muppet’s running around lit up like Xmas trees! ):slight_smile:


Those were the days. I admit I miss certain things from Gears 1 till Gears 4. But I like the state of Gears right now as well. I’ve loved almost every subsequent installment since Gears 1, Judgment bein the only bump in the road imo.

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To answer your question, I’d say : yes. Gears 3 had way less customization options (at the time, it felt like it was enough), and I played it more than any other Gears title. I didnt mind. Of course, it was nice to have the TRUE DLCS, like a map packs with a few characters and a few skins, but it was never the core of the game.

I play Gears 4 with my mate xOderus, and I’m having so much fun with him (expect when PC cheaters come around…), and he’s the best teamate I could have ever dreamed of ^-^ SO, for me it’s not about the skins (I’m actually sick of zombies and fat carlos running around), it’s about the moments I get to spend with my friend. If he wasn’t playing with me… I’d probably move on to other games. Proof is that, when he’s not around, I’m playing Fortnite and many other titles.

Of course I would.

Skins are the last thing I worry about when I play this game. I’d rather have a fully functional well sustained over a broken game with visual customization.

I think that Gears should just have Campaign DLC and I don’t mind maps being free to play tho. Theirs gotta be another way to make Season Pass a must get.

First I absolutely would continue playing literally just as much as I do now. I played every Gears from 1-4 until the next game came out with 0 incentive to play other than my love of the game after I’d unlocked everything.

Second everyone has the exact same game to play along with everybody else if you bought skins or not. There is no separation of the player base by what you’ve purchased and what you haven’t so no one had to spend a single dollar after purchasing the game to play right alone with everybody else.

Third The RNG system has been extremely unpopular among the community and everybody knows that but $60 per game or less no longer covers the massive budgets that these triple A games take to make and the companies do things like loot boxes to help keep the games profitable. I think there is a better system for pack on the horizon with Gears 5 that hopefully will be a nice compromise between what we have now and still providing the extra income that TC needs.

I have appreciated the massive amount of content that has been released post launch for Gears 4 even though it has all been skins. Of course I would have loved to see some single player campaign but correct me if I’m wrong, this is the longest we’ve continued to receive support for a Gears game post launch. If you have grown tired of collecting weapon and character skins there is nothing wrong with that either. Skin collecting isn’t for everybody.

I hope that you’ll still get Gears 5 when it releases as from what I’ve seen so far campaign wise, this should be the best Gears since GoW 2.

That would never happen!!
why? because skins are big in demand and pretty much all games have something like this to keep the masses at peace lol

My phantom skins don’t make my overkill any more powerful or my syndrome dropshot to think about it.
What ever the skin its a cosmetic thing. Sometimes it more a chore having to use one and not having a default