If the shooting assistance was lowered a little more, the skill gap would open much more

It is no secret to anyone that this game and 4 are a little easier, I can’t stop thinking that when I go back to gears 3 and play horde how difficult it is to aim, I remember gears 3 and its difficulty the bow is more difficult to use , the sniper is quite complex to use, using the shotgun correctly was difficult but a dangerous weapon in the right hands, the lancer was very strong but shooting and hitting the target was quite an odyssey, which made each player stand out in different weapons what I feel that the game is missing now, I feel that it is time to open the difficulty gap more and it is to lower the shooting assistance more, they speak a lot about the essence of gears but I do not see anyone talking about how it moves the camera from top to bottom at the moment of starting a race with the character and its feeling of vertigo that it provided, or the camera that goes out of focus when characters are too far away, these are little things that I feel that really give the essence to this game, and in Even things like the wallbonce in which to do it you have to really see the walls and not only slide with a single analog, gears 5 feels good but these small details would make the game more enjoyable and pleasant, things like that deaths do not really count and now simply if you do a little damage they give you a death they annoy me, which means that each death does not really have a pleasant feeling but is something that takes place in the background