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If the Halo character pack rumor is true

TC + Halo = :money_mouth_face:

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Ahhhh. I love the smell of Capitalism in the morning


I’m guessing it’s true but it’s gonna be weird seeing limbs falling apart. I honestly thought it would be Gears related but I guess not. And it’s probably those pre-order Ultimate characters that were said to be “placeholder”.

Same mate

This will blow your mind, BUT when I want to play Halo…you know where I’m going with this…I play Halo!
I really hope these are in addition to the character pack.

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But in this case I’m willing to accept it. The Terminator pack is whatever to me and I’m more than likely not gonna play as them but a Halo crossover is cool imo. They’re both Microsoft properties and it just reminds me when companies like Capcom or Nintendo referencing other titles into their other games.

I wonder if that is what this was all about.

Imagine if they made a COG Gear character in Infinite…


Well look at Terminator, he’s in two games (including Gears) already to make hype for another movie.

I really, really. Hope not.

I’d like Bender from Futurama as character. Then maybe an option to swap the voices in MP between him and Marcus.


They are official… At the end of Gears 5 Horde trailer…


Definetly excited for the 2 characacters from halo



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Halo Reach characters in gears 5…am I dreaming??? So excited and Gears and Halo should’ve been crossing like this sooner


The cog and Spartans in the same game, this is great :+1:


I actually like those. Not like the ones from Halo 5. lol

Silly question, but the Halo Reach characters retroactively apply to all past pre-orders of the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition right? I already preordered the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition and don’t need to cancel it and remake it again?

Also, are the Halo characters the Ultimate Edition characters that has been mentioned since E3? Or is this a separate thing and we get two other Ultimate Edition characters as well?

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You don’t have to cancel anything.
They are in and part of the ultimate edition.

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Awesome this was a big surprise,many thanks OP and TC for the info.:sunglasses: