If Sofia Hendrik comes in drop 2 can the Judgment Onyx Guards come as well to the store?

It’s the same armor only difference is without a helmet

let’s be real, I doubt Sofia will return.


Drop 2 we are getting luchador oscar and fallout colourblast.

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I think she would have the same armor as casan’s onyx guard armor. TC has a specific style going, and they probably won’t change it. Much more time efficient to focus on the face and hair/hair physics.

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The Judgement Onyx are literally the tactics onyx we had in the store.

However they are way bulkier than what they used to be, which sucks. Especially the shoulders. But the helmet looks great.

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Yeah, tactics’ shoulder pads are protruding. Now that you mention it. I hope they use the new armor, instead of tactics’. Don’t care too much either way, just a preference.

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I would like a change too, the E-Day armor they made is spot on while the Onyx has quite a few flaws.

But if we are all being honest, they definitely won’t change it. I do think Sofia might have a slight change in the Casan armor though.

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Literally in the files though apparently lol

Edit: Unless I missed the joke

oh, ok then, thanks for correcting me :slight_smile:

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We are never going to see Sophia again which makes me sad because I liked her character lol.

Well if they release another comic edition they can definitely add her in as part of it.

I’d personally prefer if TC remained true to the original model as much as possible, as far as the armor is concerned. If they bring Sofia, that is.

@grey_mineman now you understand me not the same onyx guard tactics is e- day armor & gears judgment onyx guards are v-day armor

You realise that Judgement is like 6 weeks after E-Day right? Tactics is a year after E-Day.

How can it be V-Day armor if Tactics is after Judgement?

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I would too but I doubt they will, look at the tactics version of the original onyx guard. He looks like a beetle. And not in a good way.

The gears 3 model was far more sleek whereas the tactics is more huge in the stomach and above region.

Lore wise, did paduk ever find her?

nope. Maybe in gears 6



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Or someone forgot their lore :confounded:

I thought she’d arrive in Gears 5 with Paduk being in the game.

Don’t think she’ll arrive now though.