If Queen Reyna develop some legs So can the Epic Reaper

What you guys think about the Epic Reaper with some legs?

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I thought we didn’t like crossover characters

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How is that a crossover?

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Is Epic Reaper not a mascot of Epic Games? Hence the name?

they need to make something new if tc is gonna do something like the reaper fight

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I mean, not exactly. It only ever appeared in Gears Judgement I’m pretty sure, so I wouldn’t really consider it an Epic “mascot”.

It’s just a skin the devs would use, like the Coalition Soldier skin. It’s exclusively a Gears thing, as far as I know. I mean, he’s got a giant cog shape on his back lol.
As for the name, they could just change it to Coalition Reaper, Gears Reaper or just The Reaper.

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How about give it some real voice dialog aswell? I never played GOWJ but I seen clips of the “Reaper” and its just the Kantus from previous titles. How dare they insult my favorite locust!

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Yeah, its outfit is just recolored Kantus robes, as well. And its hands are similar.
I’m guessing they just used the Kantus as the basis & then heavily resculpted/remodeled it.

I wonder what his voice would sound like, though lol

Ahhh good times. Reaper madness!

Long Live Guardian!!!

I’d never use him, so I couldn’t care less.

You spelt Theron Elite wrong :wink: obviously allowing for the fact Myrrah is the Locust GOAT, if you will.

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While he does grunt like a Kantus, he actually talks like a Theron.

Give Jack legs!

Silverback legs and weapons loadout.

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Reyna. Dem legs. … It’s what hooked Gabe.

the reaper has a hitbox on its legs and foot sounds tbh the reaper would look really stupid if it had legs