If players dont have black steel kait for free maybe players can buy it

Wait, you can still buy black steels in 4?

Implying that anybody was actually watching HA

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While I agree that would be hilarious, nah won’t happen.
Didn’t happen with the former reward either.

I don’t think you understand how capitalism works

At first I didn’t care but I honestly hope it never hits the stores if people have that ignorant mindset. Also people act like we had to go out our way to obtain the skin lol. Long as you have a device and are up for the starting time you can get any point based skin and literally do nothing in return.

Now if points become claimable…these skins better be sexy af


If it’s claim only it’s gonna be an American / Insomniac exclusive.

Oi, I had to go out of my way to get the Blacksteel set, and I hated every minute of it :frowning:
Hence why I stopped caring.

Yes :100:

Not gonna happen. :wink:

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Awh man if it does go into the store I am getting a comfy chair, some popcorn and just sit back and watch the absolute carnage that will happen lol.


I’ll only ever voice disdain if the devs were upfront with the particular cosmetic being truly limited. Black Phantom being the prime example. I dont know much with the BS Kait situation because I didn’t give a sh** about her but if TC explicitly said somewhere that’d this was the only way to get the skin then I’d understand the outrage.

If they were radio silent about the situation then I’d expect the skin to come out at max in a year down the line.

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I guess the reason is because it’s a common human emotion to get angry when somebody else obtains something easily, when that same thing took a hard effort to get it yourself.

You can’t buy it in Gears 4 or I would have got it too

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I’m ok if it comes to the store so long as it’s $1 per hour watched so It’ll be around $100…

No :rage:


How did you acquire those power of yours?

I killed Wizard Del and stole his Orb of power :+1:t3:

Hes not a wizard :pensive:

How do you know :sweat_smile: