If players dont have black steel kait for free maybe players can buy it

Let us buy black steel kait,weapon skins and chrome steel elite grenedier

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(Watches the Europeans descend.)


Its gonna be in the store just wait . Sheesh.

The outrage would be quite hilarious but no. Lol

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100+ hours watching the stream to get each of the CS Grenadier; and BS Kait, and some gimp wants it for $2.99 USD? Get out.


They should, but likely won’t.
If the do you can expect a whole horde of angry people complaining (even if they don’t even use those skins).

I have all those skins and couldn’t care less if they come to the store. Never understood the people that gets angry when stuff like that happens.

And in the middle of the work day, to boot. Middle of the night for you guys.

Yeah,that is not the point here.
It’s to make you watch that…very important stuff.

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Exactly. Nobody would bother with the streams if you could just buy it later.

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As much as I want that Kait, I cant bare to ruin the lives of thousands of people who wasted their life watching and running those streams :sunglasses:


Thank you for caring. :smiley:

But on a serious note though, it’s not even about me wanting to gatekeep what exclusive items is or isn’t available to other people. It’d be hard to not feel a bit resentful if it became a store item because it’d feel like a kick in the teeth knowing that we had spent all this time watching and collecting points (FYI - the resentment isn’t aimed at other players, it’s purely aimed at TC for selling as a dog poo sandwich). It would also completely undermine the eSports scene as well. Why would anyone bother to make the effort of watching the streams if they could just spend $2.99 to buy it a month or two later?


Of course :sunglasses: I have other skins anyways. I’ll live.

I dont think you’re gatekeeping at all, its just that it was an event that spanned a couple months and you all spent time to get that skin while me on the other hand, a freeloader. Can use my moms credit card and get it just like that. I dont consider that fair

And this too :triumph:

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Because they enjoy watching eSports and don’t need a carrot dangled in their face to do so?

Oh wait, they tried that and the viewer numbers were absolutely horrendous so they immediately went back on their word and started offering “rewards” for them again after only one stream.

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Buy it in Gears 4 and pretend you’re playing Gears 5.

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wasted their life

Meanwhile me at my PC during eSports streams

I did stream them though, you got me there.

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Even if you didnt watch them I still dont want to have the opportunity to get Kait. Its unfair.

I will gladly take a black steel JD though for compensation :sunglasses:

I would give you my BS Kait if I could. I’ll never use it. Not as long as Villager Kait exists. It’s too bad BS Kait came out about the same time as Villager Kait, her best skin, and now has to be overshadowed by it. If they had spread out the releases people would’ve gotten more of a chance to enjoy both skins.

Villager Kait is my go to Kait skin rn.

I love it alot. It really suits her.

I do wish though that in 6 Kait has blue hair, it was in her concept art and I hope they decide to take some more of that concept art into consideration.

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Oh I hope she appears in the store soon, I really do.

The backlash would be hilarious. Suffering 100+ hours of that hot, steamy :poop: only to be slapped in the face by a wet fish mere weeks later? Glorious.


lmao no pretty sure they confirmed it to be a watch and win exclusive.