If Oscar is added to Gears 5 will he have his GoW 4 Voice mixed in with his Gears 5 one?

Curious to see what they’ll do with Oscars Voice
I’ve noticed that a few characters from GoW4 don’t seem to have many If any new lines.
Sam and the UIR Soldier for example

If they add him before the world re-opens, they will probably port his gears 4 lines, if after see if they can get the gears 4 voice actor, if not gears 5 voice actor.

Probably didnt pre-record any/many lines, I would expect any new characters to either use gow4 lines or be reused lines from other characters (like ursil).

Oscar sucks

Griffin sucks too.

Time to head to the bomb shelter.

You mean another planet.

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Maybe just an entirely different universe and timeline.

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Fun fact - Gears 4 Oscar was voiced by this guy:


Hey man, to each their own. Can’t help it people like half naked Oscar skins

Well those skins do suck.